New York Tourism Guide

New York Tourism Guide

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A cultural hub of the USA and home to a plethora of iconic landmarks, New York is a city unlike any other. Comprised of five different boroughs that jut out from across the Hudson River with their familiar skylines, this is the epicentre of retail and entertainment, as well as a melting point of culinary excellence. There is almost no area where New York doesn’t excel, meaning it is guaranteed to provide the perfect backdrop to your once in a lifetime trip.

Our handy New York travel guide will take you through the most popular attractions, along with the best nightlife spots, restaurants, hotels and more. We’ll also be giving you some practical advice to ensure that you really sink your teeth into everything the Big Apple has to offer.

Most visitors to the Big Apple make a beeline for the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty but don’t miss out walking along the 1.45 mile High Line. The elevated park which runs through the Meatpacking District and Chelsea used to be an abandoned railway until it was repurposed and filled with plenty of greenery. The views are superb and you get to bypass the traffic.

By Bino Chua,

Things to do in New York

Top Attractions


When you think of New York, you think of the Statue of Liberty. It’s the US equivalent of the Eiffel Tower to Paris or Big Ben to London. It has been the icon of one of the greatest cities in the world ever since it was dedicated in the late 19th century. Not only is it a symbol of the city though, but it is also a symbol of American freedom and values. If there’s such a thing as an absolute must see for first time visitors, this is it.


You’d be crazy to go to New York and not check out the entertainment. From jazz clubs to Broadway theatre, the Big Apple has a long cherished history with so many facets of American culture, that the amount of variety on offer is absolutely staggering. However, one of the best picks if you’re wanting to go see a show has to be Madison Square Garden. Here you can catch everything from live concerts to sporting events in one of the world’s most iconic venues.


For our last pick of top New York attractions, we decided to cheat and pick two… because we simply couldn’t decide. Both The American Museum of Natural History and The Museum of Modern Art are absolute intellectual gems, featuring a feast for the eyes and the mind alike. Both are massive places to visit, with so much to see that you’re unlikely to be able to take it all in the first time round. There’s few better examples of great value for money in this captivating city.

It should be of no surprise to anyone that one of the most famous cities in the world is absolutely filled to the brim with incredible things to do. Some are synonymous with pop culture, while others are hidden gems you might not have heard of. Regardless of your interests, there’s a lot to see and do in the Big Apple. Here’s a select few top attractions to get you started on your journey.

Central Park

Belvedere Castle

Speaking of places that are synonymous with pop culture, perhaps no location in New York better exemplifies this city’s special relationship with the screen than Central Park, which has been found in dozens of films and TV shows throughout the decades. These include everything from Friends to Romeo and Juliet. But this park is far more than just a piece of entertainment history. It’s famous all on its own merits thanks to its size, cultural position, restaurants, zoo, wildlife and more. Best of all, it’s also a wonderful place to visit where you don’t have to spend a penny.

Price: Free to visit

Opening Hours: Daily: 06.00 – 01.00

Address: New York, NY, USA

American Museum of Natural History

Known as one of the greatest cities for art and culture in the world, New York is spectacular in a lot of ways. It’s also an incredible place to learn, with the American Museum of Natural History being a prime example of its commitment to educational excellence. Considered to be one of the greatest museums in the world, it’s an enormous place to visit and is probably one of the best value day outs anywhere, as visitors can pay as little as US$0.01 to enter. However, we think that, considering the museum has 45 permanent exhibition halls over 28 buildings, housing over 33 million specimens, that it’s well worth the suggested admission price of US$23.

Price: Pay-what-you-wish admission is only available at ticket counters. Only ticket prices are US$23 for adults, US$18 for senior citizens (ages 60+) and US$13 for children (ages 2-12)

Opening Hours: Daily: 10.00 – 17.45

Address: Central Park West & 79th St, New York, NY 10024, USA

There are so many ways to get a bird’s eye view of the Big Apple in all its splendour. Enjoy breathtaking views from Top of the Rock, the Empire State Building or One World Observatory and be spellbound by the beautiful NYC buildings and architecture, nature, NYC parks, historical landmarks and urban cityscapes of New York City.

By Sian Hoi,

The Museum of Modern Art

Museum Of Modern Art Moma

To put it simply, New York doesn’t do museums by halves. In fact, this is one of the few cities where you could fill up an entire list of things to do with museums alone. With that in mind, our inclusion of this and our previous entry means that these are the cream of the educational crop. The Museum of Modern Art is the absolute opposite of a typical dull museum tour. Those images of dusty old utensils hidden behind thick glass are replaced with some of the most stunning, imaginative and iconic works of arts ever put to canvas. You can go into this museum with no knowledge of any of the subjects and enjoy it as much as the most avid art lover because, above all, The Museum of Modern Art is an exceptional sensory experience.

Price: Admission for adults is US$25, for seniors (65+ years with ID) it’s US$18 and children under 16 years go free. Admission to the museum is free for all visitors every Friday evening between 16.00 – 21.00, during UNIQLO Free Friday Nights.

Opening Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 10.30 – 17.30, Friday – Saturday: 10.30 – 21.00

Address: 11 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10019, USA

Times Square

Times Square

Is it even really a trip to New York if you don’t pay a visit to the iconic Times Square? Arguably as much a cultural icon as anything else on this list, the image of the dazzling lights of this commercial intersection feels like it’s been embedded into our collective imagination: so much so that it’s hard to imagine a time without it. But Times Square is more than just a place to visit because of its fame, and it’s certainly not somewhere to visit just to tick off a bucket list. There’s plenty here to enjoy. Perhaps most significantly, it is the hub of the also legendary Broadway Theatre District. The vibrant square is the heartbeat of this great city and you’d be crazy not to see it at least once.

Price: Free to visit

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 09.00 – 20.00, Saturday – Sunday: 10.00 – 19.00

Address: Manhattan, NY 10036, USA

The National September 11 Memorial and Museum

9-11 Memorial And Museum

Unfortunately, the next entry on our list is a much more sombre choice. However, because of the importance of those terrible event to the history of New York city, we thought this was a necessary pick among our more cheerful entrants. On September 11th 2001, two planes collided with both towers of the world trade centre, killing 2,996 people and injuring over 6,000 others. The National September 11 Memorial and Museum tells the story of the people who lost their lives and those who risked theirs to save them. But more than that, it’s the story of a city that would not bow to those who wished to make them live in fear. This museum is an important place to visit to understand the incredible character of this city.

Price: General admission to the museum costs US$24 for adults, US$18 for seniors (65+ years) and US$15 for youths (ages 7 – 17). Tours are available at an additional cost.

Opening Hours: Daily: 09.00 – 18.00

Address: 180 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10007, USA

The Empire State Building

Empire State Building

We know that some of these are very obvious picks. But quite honestly, in some cases, tourist destinations deserve all the recognition they receive and The Empire State Building is definitely one that lives up to the hype. Arguably the most recognisable building in a city known for its stunning architectural achievements, it’s not only a beauty in itself but is also one of the best places to see the rest of the city. Here you can enjoy incredible views from the dizzying heights of its 102nd floor. It’s one of the greatest views of one of the greatest cities from one of the greatest buildings in New York. How can you resist?

Price: Admission prices vary depending on deck and tours. Tickets for the top and main deck (102nd & 86th floors) start from US$54 for adults, US$47 for children and US$51 for seniors.

Opening Hours: Daily: 08.00 – 02.00

Address: 350 5th Ave, New York, NY 10118, USA

Radio City Music Hall

Radio City Music Hall

First coming into the public eye as the headquarters for legendary dance group The Rockettes, Radio City Music Hall is one of the most beloved and popular entertainment venues in the city. Its bright lights are so quintessentially New York that it feels recognisable, even to those who’ve never heard of it before… Not that there’s too much chance of that though, considering it’s been home to concerts, sports events, Cirque du Soleil performances and TV shows, such as America’s Got Talent, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. More than just a historical venue, Radio City Music Hall is very much alive and kicking today with tons of great shows available all year round.

Price: Admission prices vary depending on event or tour

Opening Hours: Varies depending on event

Address: 1260 6th Ave, New York, NY 10020, USA

New York Public Library

New York Public Library

Now, we know that a library might not be the first place you’d think of when it comes to fascinating holiday destinations. But New York is no ordinary city and this is no ordinary library. The building itself is a piece of architectural history and is well worth a visit on its own. It’s appeared on countless films, TV series and books, which ironically can be found within its own walls. You could pick up a book and find yourself delving into the story of the New York Public Library while you’re there: that’s how deep this building’s roots with literary culture goes. Speaking of books, how about a few million of them? We imagine that should keep you occupied for a while. And for the young and young at heart, there’s also the original Winnie the Pooh bear on permanent display.

Price: Free to visit

Opening Hours: Monday & Thursday – Saturday: 10.00 – 17.45, Tuesday – Wednesday: 10.00 – 19.45, Sunday: 13.00 – 17.00

Address: 476 5th Ave, New York, NY 10018, USA

The Statue of Liberty

Statue Of Liberty

Let’s end our list of things to do with no less than the greatest icon of one of the greatest cities in the world: The Statue of Liberty. The French-made copper statue was dedicated in 1886 and has since become a symbol of American liberty, freedom and values. However, you don’t have to make do with simply admiring this great green lady from afar. Visitors can reach the attraction via ferry and the crown of the statue can be visited via specially purchased tickets, which are available for just a few dollars. With nearly 400 steps to climb to reach the top though, it’s a long steep walk, but we think the experience is more than worth the effort.

Price: Ferry fees to the statue cost US$18.50 for adults, US$14 for seniors (62+ years), US$9 for children (4 – 12 years) and is free to children under 4 years old. Crown access is an additional US$3 and is restricted to children under 4 years. Tours are available for an additional cost.

Opening Hours: Daily: 08.30 – 16.00

Address: New York, NY 10004, USA

Shopping in New York

The amount of places to shop in New York is so vast that you could fill up an entire trip with retail therapy alone. It’s the home to the biggest and the best for all shopaholics and here’s just a small sample of what’s available.

Strand Bookstore

Perhaps it’s not what you first think of when you imagine shopping in New York, but in many ways, the Strand Bookstore is a perfect example of exactly what makes this such a special place to shop. As one of the most popular independent book stores anywhere in the world, it’s as unique and historic as any of the rare books it sells.

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday: 09.30 – 22.30, Sunday: 11.00 – 22.30

Address: 828 Broadway, New York, NY 10003, USA

Chelsea Market

Another example of a great place to shop that might not appear too often on your TV screens is the wonderful Chelsea Market. This seems to act as a microcosm for the variety you’ll find throughout New York. Here there’s a terrific mix of items for those on a budget right up to high-end products. Plus, it has a charm that’s distinctly it’s own: much like the city itself.

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday: 07.00 – 21.00, Sunday: 08.00 – 20.00

Address: 75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011, USA

Macy’s Herald Square

Macy's Herald Square

Image Source: Georgio

Unlike many shopping destinations, New York is more about individual stores than shopping districts. We suppose that’s because, in many ways, the entire city could be counted as one. With that in mind, one store that we have to give special attention to is Macy’s at Herald Square. Their flagship operation, this is 2.2 million square feet of pure American bliss, with everything from perfume to high-end fashion. Big, bold and beautiful, it’s everything a day out shopping should be about.

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10.00 – 22.00, Sunday: 10.00 – 21.00

Address: 151 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001, USA

Midtown Comics

If there’s one store that could be considered geek heaven, Midtown Comics might just be it. Having become so popular that it has transcended into the medium itself, this is one of the few comic book stores to actually end up on the printed page. If that’s not the ultimate nerd success story, we’re not sure what is. But aside from that, this is simply a joy for anyone remotely interested in comics, with an incredible amount of choice and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere to boot.

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday: 08.00 – 00.00, Sunday: 12.00 – 20.00

Address: 200 W 40th St, New York, NY 10018, USA (+ various other locations)

Fun Facts About New York

  • It was the first capital: Although Washington D.C. is the capital of the USA today, this accolade used to belong to New York City. In fact, when the constitution was ratified, George Washington took the oath to become the first president of the USA on the balcony of New York’s City Hall.
  • An extensive landscape: There are an astonishing 70,000 miles of rivers and streams in New York. If you prefer to keep your feet firmly on solid ground though, you should be well catered for, with 722 miles of subway track in the city.
  • The Big Apple: New York is actually the reason that the USA originally got apples, with seeds being brought here in the 1st century by European settlers. However, that’s not where it got its famous moniker from. Instead, the Big Apple was first coined by musicians, meaning to “play the big time” on one of the city’s many famous stages and venues.

Food in New York

Perhaps one of the most exciting cities to visit, New York City is truly a melting pot of cultures. Savour street food from around the world here, to enjoying the finest of dining at award winning restaurants. This is a city that excites your palate as much as it rouses your big city dreams. Head over to the Meatpacking District for the idle laidback dining options or across to Brooklyn to join in the Smorgasburg markets every weekend, you ought to be planning your days at the Big Apple around your meals.

By Kelvin & Desmond,

When you think of food and New York, a few things spring to mind: bagels, pizza, cheesecake. They are here, they are plentiful and they are delicious. However, when we take a look at the best places to eat in New York, it turns out they’re great at pretty much everything. There’s so much to choose from, so here’s just a few top picks to get you started.

Indian Accent

Indian Accent

Image source: Chris Shervey

We’ll start off with Indian Accent: one of the best restaurants of its kind in the city. Indian food might not be traditional New York cuisine, but this is a city that seems to pride itself on overachieving and defying all expectations, so you can expect greatness from pretty much everything it tries its hand at. Here is no exception. This is Indian food like you’ve never tasted before, given a modern, fine dining twist. It’s an expensive dinner out but think of it as less of a meal and more of a first class ticket for your taste buds to head across continents and out of this world.

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday: 12.00 – 14.00, 17.00 – 22.30, Sunday: 17.00 – 22.30

Address: 123 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019, USA


To be considered one of the greatest fine dining establishments in a city considered one of the best for quality restaurants anywhere in the world, then you really have to be doing something quite spectacular. Well, Daniel is exactly that. Here you can tuck into stunning luxury French cuisine, which is quite possible some of the best money can buy and with a service to match. This is the culinary big leagues: the Super Bowl, the main event. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday: 17.30 – 23.00, Friday – Saturday: 17.00 – 23.00, Sunday: Closed

Address: 60 E 65th St, New York, NY 10065, USA

Eileen’s Special Cheesecake

Image source: Alex Dugger

New York’s culinary scene has transformed itself over the last few decades into a place where you can go to the fanciest five-star restaurants anywhere in town. And don’t get us wrong, plenty of these establishments, some of which appear on this list, are outstanding. However, there’s a humbler side to New York’s love of food and nowhere sums this up better than Eileen’s Special Cheesecake. This is a no frills taste extravaganza, featuring some of the best examples of one of the city’s most beloved dishes.

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 09.00 – 21.00, Saturday – Sunday: 10.00 – 19.00

Address: 17 Cleveland Pl, New York, NY 10012, USA

Piccola Cucina

There’s plenty of Italian restaurants in New York. Some of them are good. Some of them are great. Some of them are not worth your time. However, there’s few that can match the excellence and authenticity of Piccola Cucina: a restaurant about as Sicilian as you can find without getting on a plane to Europe. If you’ve never been to an Italian restaurant that does things the traditional way, then you owe it to your taste buds to try it out. If you know what we’re talking about, then we imagine you’ve probably already booked a table.

Opening Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 11.30 – 23.00, Friday – Saturday: 11.30 – 00.00

Address: 184 Prince St, New York, NY 10012, USA

Club A Steakhouse

Club A Steakhouse

Image source: _BuBBY_

Is there anything more American than a big, succulent steak cooked to absolute perfection? One of the best examples of this popular USA dish in New York has to be the Club A Steakhouse, which keeps things simple and delicious… just like any great steakhouse should. With a wonderful atmosphere, excellent service and stunning dishes, this is one of the finest places in the city to sink your teeth into a New York strip.

Opening Hours: Monday – Tuesday: 17.00 – 22.00, Wednesday – Saturday: 17.00 – 23.00, Sunday: Closed

Address: 240 E 58th St, New York, NY 10022, USA

Nightlife in New York

Image source: Raido

In one way or another, New York has always been known for its nightlife. Today, things are very different to how they once were, but that doesn’t mean this city has lost any of the character that makes it such an incredible place to party the night away. Here’s just a few examples of vibrant clubs and swanky bars to help get you started.

McSorley’s Old Ale House

Established in 1854, McSorley’s Old Ale House really does live up to its moniker. This is more than just a place to grab a drink. It’s a piece of living, breathing history. The bar itself retains an atmosphere that’s very much unique to this establishment: at once bustling with excitement, yet down to earth. They’re also famous for only serving two drinks: dark or light ale. Luckily for us, they’re both great.

Entry Fee: No entry fee

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday: 11.00 – 01.00, Sunday: 13.00 – 01.00

Address: 15 E 7th St, New York, NY 10003, USA

The Comedy Cellar

The Comedy Cellar in New York is a legend of the stand up scene and quite possibly the best comedy club in the city. Known for being the home of many legendary comics throughout the years, it’s an amazing place where the cream of the comedic crop can be enjoyed in an intimate setting. However, due to the incredible popularity of the place, you’ll want to reserve tickets to make sure you can get in.

Entry Fee: Varies depending on event

Opening Hours: Daily: 11.00 – 02.00

Address: 117 Macdougal St, New York, NY 10012, USA

The Hard Rock Café

The Hard Rock Café

Image source: chrisinphilly5448

The Hard Rock Café franchise has locations all across the world, and there’s a reason for their success. Sure, the mixture of rock and roll, rare memorabilia, great bar food and excellent alcoholic beverages was always going to be a hit. But it’s really the ambience that makes this a place that travellers across the world keep coming back to. Their New York branch is everything you’d expect, and sometimes that’s not bad thing at all. There’s no better place to rock the night away.

Entry Fee: No entry fee

Opening Hours: Daily: 11.00 – 01.00

Address: 1501 Broadway, New York, NY 10036, USA

Tonic Times Square

When you go for a drink in Times Square, you might think that such a legendary location would have you paying way above the normal rates for the experience. That’s certainly not the case with the Tonic bar, which matches its great atmosphere with a food and drinks menu that will tantalise your senses without breaking the bank. It might not give you the best first impressions, with a rather humble exterior. But step inside and you’ll find an energetic bar that’s also fantastic value for money.

Entry Fee: No entry fee

Opening Hours: Daily: 10.30 – 04.00

Address: 727 7th Ave, New York, NY 10019, USA

Blue Note Jazz Club

Image source: Zhang Yu

If you’re a fan of great music, then there’s few ways better to spend an evening than letting the sounds of the Blue Note Jazz Club take your eardrums on a journey you’ll never forget. New York has a storied love affair with jazz, and this is a wonderful way to celebrate it in a classic New York jazz club style. Wonderful atmosphere, terrific music and the drinks aren’t half bad either. What more could you possible want?

Entry Fee: Varies depending on event

Opening Hours: Daily: 18.00 – 00.00

Address: 131 W 3rd St, New York, NY 10012, USA

Top Tips for Travelling to New York

  • It’s important to tip: Unlike some other parts of the world, in the USA, tipping is so expected, it’s pretty much mandatory. The minimum wage here is relatively low, so service providers need the extra cash, especially in a city as expensive to live in as New York. The customary tipping rate is around 15-20% for waiters and taxi drivers, while US$2 should suffice for hotel bellhops and maids.
  • If something is bad, tell them: New Yorkers are known for being pretty upfront if they don’t like something, so if you’re in a restaurant and something isn’t quite right, let them know. Far from being rude, here it is quite common to speak up and it means you can avoid sitting through a bad meal out of politeness.
  • Don’t stand in people’s way: Due to how busy New York can be, it can take a little getting used to. However, if there’s one thing native New Yorkers can’t stand, it’s tourists taking up the whole sidewalk, walking slowly or coming to a dead stop where no one can get passed. This is a busy, fast-paced city, so make sure you’re moving in a timely manner and allowing enough space for people to get around you.
  • If you’re planning on taking the subway, check the map: The subway network of New York can be confusing to visitors. It is therefore advised that you spend a little time planning out your journeys. You may even find that you cut off a great deal of time by finding a quicker route or service.
  • You can feel safe to explore: While there’s no such thing as a crime-free city, the reputation as a crime hotspot that New York earned during the 1970s and 80s is one that is still prevalent in some tourists’ minds. However, today, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The city is now about as safe as could be reasonably expected, so you can explore this great city without fear.

Hotels in New York

New York certainly isn’t known as being the cheapest city in the world to book a hotel, but you might be surprised at just how much bang you can get for your buck here. And if you don’t mind splashing the cash, the levels of quality and luxury found in their top hotels are amongst the finest that money can buy.

Luxury Hotels in New York

The Plaza Hotel

Let’s start off our luxury hotel list with one of New York’s biggest hitters: The Plaza Hotel. This legendary twenty-story icon of luxury accommodation opened in the early 20th century and seems to get even more stunning with age. Famous for being in films such as Home Alone 2 and North by Northwest, its place in the history of popular culture is as undeniable as the quality of their service. This is not a hotel which rests on the reputation of its name alone, excelling in quality and facilities. These include a champagne bar, several world class dining options, spa services, and much, much more. Some things simply never go out of style.

Another huge name when it comes to luxury hotels, not just in New York but throughout the world, is the Mandarin Hotel. Known globally for their outstanding commitment to bringing you the best hotel experience possible, their New York hotel is more than worthy of carrying their illustrious name. When you’re one of the most expensive hotels in a city known to get a touch heavy on the wallet from time to time, you have to produce something truly outstanding to be able to justify that kind of price tag. The Mandarin Hotel New York does exactly that. From the modern art on the walls to the glass ceiling sculpture, this is about as good as hotels get.

There are actually two Four Seasons hotels in New York: one downtown and one on 57th street. Here, we’ll be focusing on the latter but rest assured, both hotels that carry the name of this international luxury hotel powerhouse are excellent choices, assuming your wallet can stretch that far. The Four Seasons is very much like our previous entrants. All offer some of the best accommodation money can buy, with facilities to match. If there’s one thing that sets the Four Seasons apart from its equally excellent competition though, it’s the incredible sense of style. The décor manages to be both modern and tasteful, striking an exquisite balance. It overwhelms you with luxury without ever feeling too audacious. Facilities include a restaurant, bar, full service spa and much more.

Every now and again, you discover a hotel which prove that sometimes, the classic way of doing things simply cannot be topped. There’s perhaps no example of this classic luxury done better in the hotel world than The St. Regis New York. It’s timeless and sophisticated, with an elegance few, if any, can match. It is one of New York’s most beloved hotel establishments for a reason and it’s one that hasn’t lost a step in age. Facilities here include the King Cole Bar, a 24-hour butler service, spa services and more.

Mid-Range Hotels in New York

The Benjamin

Another entry that likes to keep things classical in its design and general hotel philosophy is The Benjamin, which is a mere whisper beneath five-star status. The guestrooms themselves are warm, inviting and conservative enough to appeal to most people’s tastes. Every inch of space here is utilised to its full potential, without ever making the hotel feel overcrowded. Found near the legendary Radio City Music Hall and Theatre District, facilities here include a day spa, fitness centre, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning and onsite restaurant, among others examples.

One of the newest examples on our list, but one that is making a name for itself in a short space of time is PUBLIC. This Manhattan-based hotel is the creation of Studio 54 founder and the hotelier hailed for creating and popularising the idea of a boutique hotel, Ian Schrager. So, does this new venture live up to his reputation? Based on the responses he’s received so far, we’d say things are looking pretty good. It’s a hotel focused on modernism and pragmatism. You’ll find few needless extravagant extras here. But that doesn’t mean this is a back to basics hotel: far from it. Facilities include, among others, two restaurants, six bars, a nightclub, a health club, a rooftop terrace and two coffee shops.

It’s amazing that a hotel as reasonably priced as the Executive Hotel Le Soleil can ooze so much style the moment you lay eyes on it. This is a hotel that more than punches above its weight for its price range. Smart and sophisticated, the lobby alone looks like the kind of place you could imagine sitting down with a glass of wine or some very high quality whiskey and indulging in a book, having a good conversation or listening to some soothing music. Happily, it also knows what looks work best for each part of the hotel, as your rooms take on a different ambience, with a bright, modern and inviting style. Facilities are exceptional too, featuring a fitness centre and a restaurant, alongside plenty more little touches far too extensive to list here.

The fact that somewhere like The Roosevelt Hotel could even be considered mid-range shows just how high the quality of hotels in New York is in general. It’s textbook New York style, distinct in its particular brand of grandeur. It also has the benefit of having rooms that aren’t at all uniform, which is something that we don’t often see in hotels, regardless of price tag. This means they can cater to a whole host of tastes, from those who prefer the velvety, romantic deep red rooms to those looking for something that feels a bit more open and earthy. What the guestrooms do have in common though is a level of quality that runs throughout The Roosevelt Hotel, from its lounge to its fine dining restaurant and across all its other great facilities.

Budget Hotels in New York

RL By Red Lion Brooklyn

Even when you’re looking at budget hotels in New York, there’s simply a level of quality that you can and should expect. So these are by no means a one bed and side table, ultra rustic affair.

One great example of a budget hotel done right in the Big Apple is Hotel RL by Red Lion Brooklyn. It’s a trendy, modern hotel with brightly lit rooms that have a fresh, youthful vibe to them. Plenty of hotels in New York tend to go for a more classical look but if you want something a bit more contemporary, this could be right up your street. Facilities include a bar, restaurant, rooftop terrace, complimentary Wi-Fi and much more.

One thing you can certainly say about Newark Liberty Airport Marriott is that it can’t be beaten on convenience. Not surprisingly, it is located next to the airport from which it gets its name. The Hilton franchise have very much earned their reputation for dependable, high quality accommodation at reasonable prices. Here is no different, with the added bonus of an excellent location. The hotel is cool, minimalistic and manages to get a rare balance of being a large chain without ever feeling cold or corporate. In fact, we think you’ll find their rooms to be amongst the homeliest you’ll find in the city. In addition to all the expected facilities, you can also enjoy a heated indoor pool and even a workout room.

For more hotels in New York, explore the Expedia Singapore website and find the best accommodation for your stay.

Getting Around In New York

New York taxis

Image source: Linus Henning

One of the funny contradiction of life in this bustling city is that nobody drives because there’s simply too much traffic. Luckily though, this means that having plenty of ways to get around via public transport is an absolute must. There’s a ton of excellent options for finding your way around and here are just a few of the best transport methods to get you from point A to point B during your holiday.


Taxis are pretty much everywhere in New York. Unlike other cities, where taxis have to be booked in advance, here you can get a ride simply by hailing down one of the many yellow taxi cabs you’ll see along your travels.

The starting fare costs US$2.50, with US$0.50 being added for every fifth of a mile. If you need to stop off anywhere, you’ll find the same amount is added to your fare per every 60 seconds the taxi is not in motion.


Not only are ferries a great way to see the city, but they can also be useful for getting around, at least between specific spots. The East River Ferry takes people between Astoria Queens and Bay Bridge Brooklyn, while The Hudson River Ferry travels between Manhattan and New Jersey. Tickets for both journeys can be ordered online.

New York subway

Image source: Paul L


New York’s vast, complicated subway system can be pretty daunting for first time visitors, but there’s no doubt that this is an incredibly useful way of getting around once you have the hang of things. Fast, reliable and cheap, it is pretty much everything you could want from a public transport system. Simply get a ticket from the station and you’re on your way.


Although the subway is a pretty comprehensive public transport system, there are certain neighbourhoods that are better reached by bus. Not only that, but it’s also a great way to watch the cityscape go by. Make sure to buy a MetroCard to avoid relying on exact change.


Walking is a way of life in New York. It’s often the easiest and is certainly the cheapest way of getting from place to place. Make sure you don’t dawdle though, as the paths are treated like traffic and stopping or blocking people’s way could find you getting knocked to the side by the ongoing flow of footfall.

Best Time to Visit New York

Although it might not be known for extreme changes in weather, the difference throughout the year in New York is actually quite significant. Hot and humid in the summer and often freezing in winter, when you choose to visit will affect how you spend your time in the city quite significantly.

If you’re looking to enjoy the summer months in New York, then the best time to visit is probably between April and June, as after this time, things can often get a little too toasty for many visitors. If you’re more of a fan of the winter months, then generally August to October is a good choice, barring any unpredictable changes. Unless of course, you’re just looking for that magical Christmas in New York: in which case, you’ll just have to bare the brunt of that cold December air.

Flights to New York

flight to New York

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New York City is actually home to three major airports. These include John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), which is located in Southern Queens, Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), which is found on the Chemical Coast of New Jersey and LaGuardia Airport (LGA), which is in Northern Queens. The latter is best avoided where possible, as it has been voted the worst airport in the country in terms of delays and flight cancellations.

Unless you’re staying in Manhattan, then JFK will likely be your airport of choice, as it is the fifth busiest airport in all of the USA. This means there are plenty of flight services connecting New York to Singapore’s major airports.

Unfortunately though, there are no direct services available from Singapore Changi Airport to JFK Airport. However, airlines such as Air China, JAL, United Airlines and many others offer stopover flights in their respective city bases, with the average flight time between the airports taking 20 hours to complete.

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