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Taipei is the beating heart of Taiwan. Positioned at the northern tip of the island, most of Taipei is nestled into the ancient lakebed of the Taipei Basin. Enveloped by beautiful scenery, the city also has a rich culture and history to its name. The city has been the temporary capital of the Republic of China since 1949, when the Communists lost mainland China in the Chinese Civil War.

Along with its intriguing past, Taipei offers visitors a modern metropolis to explore. As Taiwan’s political, cultural and economic hub, it is simply bustling with shopping centres, vibrant markets and eye-catching architecture. This often overlooked destination has so many spectacular sights to offer, making it more than deserving of a spot on every Asian traveller’s itinerary.

Things to Do in Taipei

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Things to do in Taipei

Taiwan is a country that few people travel when they venture out to South East Asia, and it's a real shame. It has so much to offer, not least it's hugely developed capital city Taipei. You could easily spend a week in and around Taipei and still be leaving wishing you had more time. Within the city proper, the iconic Taipei 101 is well worth spending a little extra money on and having dinner in the revolving restaurant with the most spectacular views of the city imaginable, bearing in mind that Taipei 101 was formally the tallest building in the world, make sure you're not scared of heights. The rest of the day could be spent chasing gorgeous temples, make sure not to miss the Confucious Temple and the Baoan temple, two highlights for sure.

If you still have time, the next day put on your sneakers and hit the Yangminghsan national park, accessible on their MRT system, for world class hikes and views, then sooth your muscles in the endless hot springs dotted around the city. Perfection” 

By Josh,

You won’t struggle to find stunning sights and exciting activities during your visit to Taipei. To help you plan your visit, here are some of the top attractions and must see destinations in the city.


national palace museum exterior

National Palace Museum

When it comes to Taipei attractions, the National Palace Museum has proved to be a firm favourite. Located in the Shilin District, it gives visitors the opportunity to delve into Chinese history through its expansive and high quality collection, spanning across 10,000 years. The permanent exhibit is open daily and is home to nearly 70,000 different items, including imperial artwork and artifacts collected by ancient Chinese emperors. Whether you want to take a trip back to the Neolithic age or learn about the late Qing Dynasty, there is no better place in the world than this iconic museum.

No. 221, Section 2, Zhishan Rd, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 111

Price: NT$250

gondola above trees in taipei

Maokong Gondola

While this attraction may prove a struggle for those with acrophobia (a fear of heights), the Maokong Gondola is definitely one of the best ways to appreciate the stunning Taipei landscape. The crystal cabins are fitted with glass floors to give you a 360• view of your breath-taking surroundings as you travel 2.7 miles between Taipei Zoo and the Maokong station. Once at the top, you will be greeted with tearooms, restaurants and the perfect setting for a tranquil day out. 

The gondola picks up right outside the Taipei Zoo, located at No. 30, Section 2, Xinguang Rd, Wenshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 116

Price: 1 station - NT$70; 2 stations - NT$100; 3 stations -  NT$120

orange roof temple taipei

Longshan Temple of Mnaka

This temple is a feast for the eyes. Located in an ancient part of the city and surrounded by well-kept grounds, the Longshan Temple demonstrates classic Taiwanese architecture, along with distinctive decorative details that showcase a Southern Chinese influence. It was originally built in 1738 as a place of worship for Chinese settlers and honours various Buddhist and Taoist deities. To experience a truly spiritual atmosphere, it’s recommended to visit at night time when the temple is bathed in warm light and the nearby night market comes to life.

No. 211, Guangzhou St, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10853

Price: Free 

tall tower at day in taipei

Taipei 101

The unique structure of this super tall 101 floor skyscraper dominates the Taipei skyline. It’s innovative bamboo like structure, which was constructed to withstand typhoons, and characteristic green glass can be seen for miles around. The Taipei 101 has won numerous international architecture awards and was the world’s tallest building when it opened in 2004, before relinquishing the title six years later to the Buri Khalifa in Dubai. Today, tourists come from across the world to enjoy its shopping opportunities, outstanding restaurants and the city-wide views available from its observatories.

Address: No.45, Shifu Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei, Taiwan

Price: Observatory price - NT$400

white building with oriental blue roof taipei

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Standing proudly at the east end of Liberty Square, this striking white monument was erected in memory of the former President of the Republic of China, Chiang Kai-shek. Bookended by the symmetrical structures of the National Theatre and National Concert Hall, the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall features a blue octagonal roof, which is symbolic of the good fortune associated with the number 8, along with two sets of 89 steps, which represent the age Chiang was when he died. Inside, you can learn about his life and work in the library and museum or witness the regular guard mounting ceremony that takes place on the upper level.

Address: No. 21, Zhongshan S Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100

Price: NT$250

misty national park in taipei

Yangmingshan National Park

The Yangmingshan National Park offers some the most beautiful sights that nature has to offer. It has a lower elevation than some of the high mountain national parks in the country, making it ideal for hiking. While there, you can enjoy an abundance of flora, including its famous cherry blossoms, along with fumaroles and hot springs. The park also boasts the largest dormant volcano in Taiwan, Seven Star Mountain, which stands at 1,120m tall.

Jhuzihhu Rd, Beitou District, Taipei 112, Taiwan

Price: Travel to the park costs NT$30

gold sign for taipei zoo

Taipei Zoo

As the largest zoo in Asia, the Taipei Zoo is a leader in animal conservation, research and education. The zoo is home to various species from across Australia, Africa and Asia, including giant pandas, penguins and koalas. You’ll also meet an array of native Taiwan wildlife, such as clouded leopards, crab-eating mongooses and wild boar. Keep your eyes peeled in the insectarium, marvel at 130 different colourful species of bird in the aviary or get up close and personal with domesticated animals in the Children’s Zoo.

No. 30, Section 2, Xinguang Rd, Wenshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 116

Price: Adults- NT$ 60. Preschool children and handicapped individuals – free

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Shopping in Taipei

“Explore the old streets of Sanxia and Jiu Fen in Taipei for some amazing preserved culture and architecture. Spend the day visiting the Taipei 101 building for a birds eye view of the city and at night, visit the world famous Shilin Night Market for a gastronomical experience. Alternatively, try other markets like the Feng Chia Night Market which offers snacks, multiple cuisines, accessories and the latest Taiwanese fashion.“

By Wilson,

There’s few places in the world that offer an experience as colourful and unique as Taipei, which is world renowned for being a shopaholic’s dream. If you’re looking for something big, brash and upmarket, the city has plenty of department stores to capture your imagination. However, if you’re looking for more of an adventure, Taipei is a paradise of hidden gems found within alleyways that connect the city like veins in the mighty heart of the captivating capital.


bright shops at night in taipei

Ximending Shopping District

This is not so much one great mall as it is lots of smaller districts, each with their own personalities and styles. There might be more complete shopping experiences in Taipei, but there are few as interesting. Ximending is known as where the locals shop and is the first pedestrian zone in Taiwan. It’s the home to several historical sites, such as the Red House Theatre and is a must see for anyone interested in Taiwanese history. Due to this history, the area is also home to Japanese fashion, book and clothing stores. It attracts an estimated 3 million shoppers every month and we recommend joining them.

Wanhua District, Taipei, Taiwan

Image source: Sengkang

Taipei Mall 101

No. 7, Section 5, Xinyi Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110

More than just a shopping centre, Taipei 101 is a landmark that is to Taipei what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris, The London Eye is to London or The Empire State Building is to New York. It offers the absolute best in upmarket shopping and dining experiences. The mall is only one part of Taipei 101 and what it offers is really a testament to just how many wonders call Taipei 101 home. This includes an astonishing 828,000 square feet of shopping over five floors. The bottom floor offers toy stores, souvenirs, electronics, fresh food products and a dining area capable of holding over 1,000 people. The first and second floors focus mainly on fashion, with floor two focusing more on luxury brands. The top three floors include a Michelin 3-star quality restaurant and access to the world famous observatory, along with many more shopping opportunities. There’s so much here to see, if you can’t find it, you’re probably just not looking hard enough.

large bellavita sh


Known as perhaps the fanciest looking mall in the country, Bellavita sprung up in 2009 and is home to several upmarket stores. So if you’re looking to spend a little more than the average customer, this will be right up your alley. Despite its high priced appearance though, there’s plenty to offer a more economical shopper too, as Bellavita is famous for its incredible number of boutique stores, as well as the odd mall staple. It turns out you really can’t go anywhere these days without seeing a Starbucks! The building is absolutely beautiful, inside and out, with its classic European architecture and tranquil design. Even though you’re inside, you’ll feel like sunshine is hitting your face surrounded by plants, marble and bright, warm colours. It’s very different in atmosphere than other, busier malls: Bellavita offers a tranquil shopping experience.

No. 28, Songren Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110

Image source: ???

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Where to Eat in Taipei

“Taipei is quite the heart of Asia! The night markets are amazing (fried chicken, bubble tea, shaved ice, beef noodles – I’m salivating already!), the shopping is fantastic and the nightlife has this unique devil-may-care, nonchalant vibe unlike other Asian cities. Also, don’t forget to check out the hot springs at Beitou!”

By Flora,

No matter what your tastes may be, Taipei has something to suit everyone, from delectable street food to up market dining experiences.


6 cups of fruit and other fruits around

Tonghua Night Market

The night markets of Taipei city are an absolute must for anyone trying to get the most authentic experience of Taiwanese culture. There’s nothing quite like the swirling ambience of all those smells, flavours and bright lights as the clock hits midnight for you to really know you are in one of the most unique and interesting places in the world.

One of the best available is Tonghua Night Market. Both locals and travellers are incredibly passionate about this market and it’s easy to see why. Not only does the place look incredible, smell incredible and have an ambience like no other but it offers dozens upon dozens of cuisines and delicacies. You’ll find things here that not only have you never tried but that you’ve likely never even heard of. Since this is a market, the quality of the food is going to vary from vendor to vendor (of which there are hundreds), but that’s part of what makes this experience exciting. When you get to know the city, you get to find your own personal favourites within these markets. That’s one of the great things about this city: everyone has their own stories and experiences with such a vast wealth of attractions on offer.

Alley 1, Lane 40, Linjiang St, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106


A world away from the hustle and bustle of the street food of a night market, Raw offers a fine dining experience considered amongst the best in the world. Although it might not seem to have much in common with street food, Raw does almost match the night market in terms of energy and atmosphere, not to mention a back to basic approach to cooking. The menu is comprised only of a few carefully selected ingredients depending on the island’s 24 “micro seasons”. It is headed by the now legendary chef Andre Chiag, who is also the head of Singapore’s acclaimed Restaurant Andre. The two restaurants feature regularly on the lists of greatest restaurants, both in Asia and the world. The concept here is to keep food simple and match flavours with precision. Even the drinks are conceived to compliment the food and vice versa. Raw is a showcase of how different flavours interact. If you believe food can be art, then Raw is a masterpiece.

No. 301, Lequn 3rd Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 104

chicken on bbq

Da Wan BBQ

This establishment is quite different from the large scale, fine dining experiences of Raw and Ryugin. Da Wan is a cosy restaurant, situated at the heart of Taipei. It’s so cosy in fact, the restaurant only carries a single table of six, so if you’re part of a large party, you may want to book ahead. The rest of the seating is bar seating and is famous for its laid back atmosphere. It’s also known for serving the absolute best Wagyu beef and pork money can buy. Da Wan is a yakinuki restaurant: in Taipei, this usually means that you have raw meat brought to your table and you cook the dish yourself. Here however, you’ll have your meals cooked for you by a skilled chef right at your table. There’s no doubt to the quality of the kitchen, because it’s right in front of your eyes.

Taipei City, Da’an District, Lane 177, Section 1, Dunhua S Rd, 22

Image source: Sham Hardy


This is widely considered the very best Japanese food in Taipei. If you’re looking to branch out in your eastern dining experience and you feel like trying cuisines from across the continent, you will struggle to do better than Ryugin. The restaurant is a sister establishment to the Tenko Ryugin in Hong Kong and the Nihonryori Ryugin in Tokyo, Japan. The latter is considered alongside the best restaurants in the world and its Taipei counterpart is a mirror image of that success. The Ryugin franchise has been hailed for bringing together traditionalist and modern styles of cooking and getting the best out of both. The restaurants are owned by legendary chef Seiji Yamamoto: a man so committed to perfection, he once CT scanned an eel in order to figure out the best way to cut it.

104, Taiwan, Taipei City, Zhongshan District, Lequn 3rd Rd, 301

plate of food from kitchen table taipei

The Kitchen Table Taipei

Situated in a five-star hotel, The Kitchen Table Taipei isn’t quite as expensive as its upmarket location would suggest, offering great value and food from throughout the world. While we recommend you make the most out of your Asian adventure, sometimes, especially during a lengthy stay, you’ll want a little more variety. This restaurant has you covered, offering everything from ice cream to seafood. It has the buffet to end all buffets: sausage rolls and egg mayonnaise sandwiches are nowhere to be found here. Instead, you’ll be able to choose from a gourmet selection of foods from across the globe. Whatever you choose, you’ll never be let down, as The Kitchen Table Taipei produces all of its vast selection at the highest quality. It’s a beautiful restaurant with modern décor sprinkled with liberal splashes of bright yellow. It’s a look as fresh as the food they serve. Keep in mind, you’ll probably need to book ahead, especially if you want to take advantage of their Wednesday lunch menu.

110, Taiwan, Taipei City, Xinyi District, Section 5, Zhongxiao E Rd, 10

Image source: bryan…

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Nightlife in Taipei

“While the vistas from the observation deck of Taipei 101 is stunning, the most spectacular view of the Taiwanese capital is the one with Taipei 101 within the frame. Just 2 km from the skyscraper is the Xiangshan and Nangang District Hiking Trail, which leads to the top of the Elephant Mountain. It offers what many consider the best view of the city. Climb just before sunset so you could see the skyline both during the day and at nightfall, when the metropolis slowly turns into a sea of lights.”

By Yoshke,

Whether you want to indulge with cocktails in the heart of the capital or get your dancing shoes on, the nightlife in Taipei definitely won’t disappoint.


tall tower at night in taipei


Taipei might be more famous for its cuisine, but don’t count out the incredible night life this bustling city has to offer. Barcode is known as one of the most stylish bars around, with a terrifically cool ambience and a wonderful selection of cocktails to cap off your night. Located downtown in one of the most vibrant parts of the city, it’s worth mentioning that this bar has a fairly high standard of dress. This is no place to take your flip flops, but also not a place where you’ll need to bring your best tux. It’s just a great place to go if you’re feeling a little fancy.

NEO19, 5?No. 22, Songshou Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110

Room 18

There are plenty of places to go in Taipei if you want to drink in a quiet, peaceful place, without any distractions from the serenity of the Asian continent. This is not one of those places. Room 18 is possibly the coolest club in Taipei. This is a lively spot to grab a drink or get your groove on. The music is loud and the atmosphere is off the chain. However, admission is not exactly cheap but if you love clubbing, this is the place to be. If you happen to be visiting over Christmas or Halloween, Room 18 is one of the hottest locations in the holiday season.

B1, 88 Songren Road, Taipei 110, Taiwan

martini cocktail with strawberry

Zheng Men Brewing

Considered among the top attractions in Taipei and one of the best bars anywhere, Zheng Men Brewing is the place to be if you want to get serious about your drinking. This bar deserves recognition for its absolute world class selection of beers. This isn’t your simple run of the mill, lager on tap kind of place. Here, you have beer treated with the appreciation it deserves from the best breweries available. Taipei isn’t exactly known for great beer so it’s fantastic to see Zheng Men Brewing take up the mantel.

10 Yongkang St., Taipei 10651, Taiwan

Image source: daspunkt


If beer isn’t your thing then Ounce offers some of the most delicious cocktails in all of Taiwan. Feeling a million miles away from the bouncing nightclubs of the city, Ounce has the calm, private atmosphere of an inviting speakeasy with friendly staff and a great service. The place does however get very busy on a night so you’ll want to get there early to avoid waiting for a long time to be served. The drinks can be pricey. However, this is no ordinary bar. If you give the bartender an idea of what flavour you’re looking for, they’ll make drinks specific to your tastes. It’s a unique experience well worth the extra cost.

No. 40, Lane 63, Section 2, Dunhua S Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106

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Hotels in Taipei

“Taipei, a modern metropolis with Japanese colonial lanes, buzzing shopping streets and modern skyscrapers still surprises us with each re-visit. If you have already explored much of its downtown areas, we urge you to venture out to its suburbs such as Shifen Old Streets, Jiu Fen, Tamshui and Pingxi to experience another side of the Taiwanese Capital City and luxuriate in a slower pace of life. “

By AspirantSG ,


grand piano in hotel lobby

Luxury Hotels in Taipei

When it comes to staying in the lap of luxury, Taipei delivers in leaps and bounds. We’ve selected three of the most popular luxury hotels, all costing around SG$150 – SG$200 per night.

One of the most popular upmarket choices is the Evergreen Laurel Hotel. This unique hotel has a nautical theme. This is no gimmick: the hotel is designed around the maritime imagery with stunning, spacious effect. You’ll feel transported to the deep blue in great luxury with beautiful, elegant surroundings that are very much different to anything else you’re likely to find. The hotel includes a restaurant, fitness, centre, health spar and bar. Evergreen Laurel Hotel is located right in the midst of the bustling financial centre, so here’s a hotel that’s big with businessmen, but also boasts a child friendly service for families. It truly has something for everyone.

Another luxurious offering is the Ambassador Hotel. It’s very popular among businessmen travelling to the city and it’s easy to see why. The hotel has a certain suave finesse that goes well with a well tailored suit. Known for large, comfortable rooms and warm décor, this hotel hits a great balance between rustic and modern with its décor, making it feel both homely and upmarket. The breakfast is very good but very western, so if you’re looking for something more local, you may want to eat out. It’s in a great location near plenty of shops with good Wi-Fi, although if you’re looking to find some fellow travelling pals, you may be out of luck as this hotel is more popular with locals than tourists.

Located right in the middle of Zhongshan, Hotel Royal Niko is in one of the chicest, most fashionable areas of Taipei. You can get the best of the old and new with the coolest stores, restaurants and bars sat alongside great pieces of history, such as the Chian Kei-shek memorial hall. It’s a beautiful hotel, which elegantly mixes western and eastern architecture to great effect. Their décor is only matched by their service, which has a reputation for being among the best the city has to offer. The hotel is situated in a quiet corner of Taipei, so if it’s tranquillity you’re after following a hard day’s sightseeing, this is the place to be.

For the luxury on offer, the Riviera Hotel offers incredible value for money. You’ll feel like royalty walking through their golden lobby into a deluxe, spacious room. The location isn’t half bad either. It’s placed right near the legendary Temple of Confucious. It’s also home to three excellent restaurants, so if you’re looking for some great local cuisine but don’t feel like going too far after a long day’s travelling, Riviera Hotel should be right up your street. This decadent hotel also offers a breakfast service, a rooftop terrace, 24 hour Wi-Fi and a fitness centre, alongside great deals for families.

white and silver bedroom with bed

Mid-Range Hotels in Taipei

For hotels closer to the SG$100 mark, you’ll find plenty of choice in the capital.

As the name would suggest, Ambience Hotel is all about atmosphere. Here you’ll feel like you’re in the heartbeat of the city, with a hotel with an ice cool feel and a sleek, modern design to rival the best hotels around. One thing that doesn’t feel cold is the customer service. The staff are renowned for their attentiveness and friendliness. Speaking of Ambience, breakfast includes a violinist to play while you eat: if that’s not going the extra mile, we don’t know what is.

A million miles away from the contemporary charm of Ambience, Cosmos Hotel betrays its deep space sounding name by being quite possibly the most traditional hotel on this list. That’s no bad thing. Its conservative look makes this hotel ideal for both families and business visits. That is not to say that it looks dull. This hotel looks classically stunning with a timeless feel that’s bound to please almost anyone. Cosmos Hotel is known for great customer service and its great transport links. Located right next to the M3 exit of Taipei’s high speed train service, as well as being surrounded by taxi stands, if you need to get somewhere in Taipei, you won’t find anywhere better. You’ll also have somewhere pretty great to come back to as well.

Another fantastic choice that won’t break the bank is the Sunworld Dynasty Hotel. A beautiful, gigantic glass building just out the corner of Taipei arena, the Sunworld Dynasty Hotel is very popular among large groups of travellers. Decent rooms and decent rates make this a great medium cost choice, with a big breakfast selection and great service available 24 hours. There are ongoing renovations, however most guests report they didn’t affect their stay too much. The Sunworld Dynasty Hotel is very popular for a reason.

If it’s shopping that’s on your mind, you can’t go wrong with the East Dragon Hotel. You’ll finds it’s comfortable and understated rooms right in the heart of the vibrant Ximending shopping district, just a short work away from iconic attractions such as the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. While the décor is more on the simple side, you won’t go without as the rooms come equipped with flat-screen TVs, Wi-Fi and well stocked mini fridges. You’ll also be able to prepare for your busy day shopping with a delicious breakfast in the modern settings of the East Dragon Hotel dining room each morning.

bed with two white pillows

Budget Hotels in Taipei

If you want to spend less than SG$100 a night during your stay in Taipei, you can still enjoy all the amenities and comforts you need.

Beauty Hotels- Roumei Boutique offers incredible value for money, including 24 hour dining with a breakfast buffet filled with Chinese or western options. For many, a big part of going to somewhere with a cuisine like Taipei’s is to try as many restaurants and street food vendors as possible. But if you want the option of eating at the hotel, you won’t get much better value than here. This hotel is located in a quiet suburb and is great for families. It’s also located nearby plenty of interesting food spots and markets. It’s a great choice if you want to experience the city but keep away from the hustle and bustle of the busier districts. However, make sure you get directions, because this hotel is a very well hidden gem.

When it comes to great locations, Hotel Puri offers some of the best surroundings at a very affordable price. Located in Ximending, this hotel is just a stone’s throw away from some of the most popular sights, with the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, National Taiwan Museum and Longshan Temple all within just 1 mile. The smoke-free hotel offers 57 modest and welcoming rooms, along with fantastic amenities, such as free Wi-Fi, memory foam beds and tours/ticket assistance from the friendly staff to ensure you get the most from your visit.

If it’s shopping that’s on your mind, you can’t go wrong with the East Dragon Hotel. You’ll finds it’s comfortable and understated rooms right in the heart of the vibrant Ximending shopping district, just a short work away from iconic attractions such as the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. While the décor is more on the simple side, you won’t go without as the rooms come equipped with flat-screen TVs, Wi-Fi and well stocked mini fridges. You’ll also be able to prepare for your busy day shopping with a delicious breakfast in the modern settings of the East Dragon Hotel dining room each morning.

To find your perfect Taipei hotel, we encourage you to explore the Expedia website further. Here you will be able to enter your ideal dates and be able to see what our guests have highly recommended, not to mention you will be able to find a hotel perfect for your budget.

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blue and grey MRT train taipei

Getting Around in Taipei

"Take a short hike up Elephant Hill, just one metro stop beyond Taipei 101 for jaw-dropping views of the iconic tower and the city beyond. It takes about 30minutes to reach the top and it's worth every step. Aim to be there in time for sunset and watch Taipei transform, as the sun goes down and the lights of the city come on - beautiful!"

By Brian and Noelle,

As the country’s technological hub, there’s no shortage of high-tech and reliable transport options. While the congested roads make driving an unattractive option for tourists, the abundance of public transport means you’ll easily be able to get to wherever you’re going.

The Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) serves as the city’s subway system and runs from 6am to midnight. This is one of the easiest ways to travel around the capital, with the efficient trains serving all corners of the city. You can pay for tickets via ticket booths or vending machines within the stations or you can use the EasyCard system if you are going to be travelling frequently.

You won’t find yourself lost in translation either, as the MRT accommodates tourists with station signs and stop announcements in English. This is something that can’t be said for the city’s busses, which frequently have exclusively Chinese speaking drivers and untranslated signage. Therefore, if you need to get to somewhere and are unable to take the MRT, your best option is to hop in a taxi.

Image source: User:Jiahwang

5 orange and green bikes taipei

Despite being quite a lot more expensive than public transport, Taipei taxis are still quite affordable. They are one of the easiest ways to travel the city as they are usually very easy to find, especially around tourist attractions and hotels. You are not expected to tip your driver but please be aware that charges are higher at night time.

Alternatively, you can hire a bicycle or scooter to get yourself from point A to B. With the extremely busy roads though, tourists are advised to be careful when operating motorised scooters, which are commonly involved in accidents throughout Taipei. Bicycle is a far safer and more flexible option, with many MRT stations even allowing travellers to bring their bikes into the carriages with them.

Image source: Lord Koxinga

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red love sign taipei

Best Time to Visit Taipei

The climate in Taipei can be extremely hot and humid. The city also experiences little to no drop in temperature at night, meaning tourists are advised to visit during the cooler months between September to November. This is also a great time to avoid the heavy rain, as the typhoon season officially ends in October. With more comfortable and cooler temperatures, it’s also the best time to visit the outer islands.

You’ll be able to find great discounts on accommodation midweek throughout these months. A midweek visit also means you can avoid the larger crowds which are attracted to the major Taipei sights over the weekend.

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plane wing birdseye view taipei

Flights to Taipei

There are a number of airlines who fly to Taipei, offering a range of different flight times and they accommodate for a range of budgets. When you’re ready to start your adventure, simply search the Expedia website to find the best price for flights to Taipei.

Image Source: PETERINBLACK™ Cheng

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