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Shanghai Neighbourhood Guide

Little did I know Shanghai was about to become one of my absolute favourite destinations when I first landed to Pudong International Airport. There’s something nearly magical about this metropolis. It has this way of making you feel right at home. Shanghai itself is like the best tourist guide you can have, because the city is… Continue reading Shanghai Neighbourhood Guide

Unexpected Beijing: Exploring China’s First Yoga Retreat

Beijing is not a city known for its peace and quiet. So when I heard about Mountainyoga – which has a retreat centre just a few kilometres from the teeming city centre – I was intrigued. Would it be possible to find a sanctuary in one of the word’s busiest, noisiest, most traffic-jammed cities? There… Continue reading Unexpected Beijing: Exploring China’s First Yoga Retreat

Relaxing Spa Day in Shenzhen

I walk out the railway station and find myself surrounded by the hustle and bustle that is called Shenzen. I feel exactly the same as the day I first walked out of the airport in Delhi. Lost. Far from home. I look around the street signs and realise that no matter how much I’ve practised Chinese in… Continue reading Relaxing Spa Day in Shenzhen

9 Things to do in Sanlitun, Beijing’s liveliest neighbourhood

The Chinese capital is not just about politics, smog and bad traffic. Anyone who’s lived there knows that it is one of the most dynamic, culturally rich cities in the world. And for the canny tourist, there’s much to explore and enjoy.

Showing results 11 - 14 / 14