Yangshuo showing mountains, mist or fog and a bay or harbour
Traverse these rural parts to learn about China’s eclectic cultures and explore the topography through the rivers, caves and mountains.

Guangxi is a picturesque region comprised mostly of agricultural fields and a scenic coastline on the South China Sea. It contains a national forest and an imposing mountain range. Get a sense of its variety, with trips to cities and villages.

The capital city Nanning is one of the province’s few developed, modern parts. Learn about regional history at the Guangxi Provincial Museum and find out about the future at the Guangxi Science and Technology Museum and Guangxi University. Relax in the spacious Shimen Forest Park and sit by the water at Nanning People’s Park.

For a change of scenery, reach the coastal city of Beihai. Sunbathe on the white sand of Beihai Silver Beach and swim in the warm water. Admire the colonial architecture in the Old Town and see the tanks in the acclaimed Beihai Underwater World.

Head north to scenic Guilin, on the Li River. Appreciate the exceptional topography of the town, with its mossy mountains and lakes. Visit Longsheng Hot Springs National Forest Park and view the iconic Longji rice terraces. Ride a boat downstream to Yangshuo for its karst peaks, rivers and caves.

Note that local residents around the region speak a variety of languages, although standard Mandarin is spoken by most. Many others speak the Yueyu dialect of Cantonese as well as indigenous languages.

Expect long summers, which are hot and humid. Try traditional hotpots of meat and vegetables in the mild to cold weather from December to February. Spicy noodle soup and snails are also popular dishes.

Find this large territory in the far south of China, near the border with Vietnam. It is sandwiched between Guangdong, Yunnan and Hainan. Take a train from Vietnam or fly to Nanning Wuxu International Airport. Nanning is a 3-hour flight from Shanghai.

Guangxi is a large area of spectacular and varied topography, away from the bright lights of Shanghai and Beijing.