Travel Guide
Dive into clear water and swim with stingless jellyfish and colourful fish at this tropical oasis. Explore mangrove forests and relax on secluded beaches.

The lush green islands of Palau offer some of the best diving in the world. Palau is a tropical paradise made up of hundreds of islands, from deserted coral atolls to busy village islets. Plunge into Palau’s reefs, surf the roaring breaks and swim with stingless jellyfish. On land, explore lush forests, mangrove wetlands and laid-back villages.

Visit Palau’s largest city, Koror, to find a strip of shops, restaurants, hotels and major dive operators. Palau is famous for its excellent scuba diving and snorkelling. Head to the Palau International Coral Reef Centre in Koror to learn about the country’s fascinating underwater ecosystem.

Book a diving tour and explore Palau’s coral reefs, eerie underwater caves, shipwrecks and vertical cliffs. See a stunning array of coral and fish. Try dive spots at Kayangel, Ngeruangel, Angaur and the well-known Blue Corner.

Head to the Rock Islands, also known as Chelbacheb. These islands are limestone or coral reefs that have emerged from the water and become vegetated with lush tropical forest. The Rock Islands are a gorgeous diving location and also home to Jellyfish Lake. Swim with millions of graceful jellyfish pulsing in the water, their stingers weakened by generations of life without predators.

On Palau’s largest island, Babeldaob, explore small villages set in forests, mangroves and stretches of white-sand beach. See the island’s rich flora and fauna, including orchids and tropical birds.

Discover Palau’s secluded southwest islands by boat. Find tiny uninhabited islands, empty beaches and beautiful conservation areas. Helen Reef is a protected coral atoll that is home to a species of giant clam.

Reach Palau by flying into Airai Airport on Babeldaob. Book your taxi from the airport to your hotel in advance. Explore the main islands by rental car, taxi or with a charter tour. Palau is tropical and sunny, with a wet season between July and October. During your stay, make sure to try local dishes with cassava, yam and local seafood.