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Finding an Expedia Free Extra is easy!

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    Select a destination below or search above
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    Look for hotels marked with a present to find your special offer
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    Expedia free extras are pre-selected, guaranteed by the hotel and available to everyone. Enjoy!

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Terms and Conditions:

The number of Expedia Free Extras shown is correct as of 27-08-18.

Available on desktop only. Free Extras included with these offers varies by hotel, hotel availability and travel dates. Hotel specific conditions may apply and are notified prior to booking. Please check individual hotel information page for full details. Expedia Free Extras may include items such as WiFi, breakfast, resort credits, show tickets, room upgrades, late check-out and more. Breakfast excludes alcoholic beverages. No credits or refunds are permitted for unused benefits. Prices displayed include the promotional discount, are per room per night based on two people sharing a room and may not be available on all room types. Blackout periods may apply and a minimum hotel stay may be required. 'Expedia Free Extras’ represents the additional offer available on selected hotel based on your hotel search and selected length of stay. Any offers are subject to limited availability and may be discontinued without notice. Expedia’s usual booking terms and conditions apply.

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