COVID-19 travel guide

Change or cancel your booking

Need to change or cancel your travel plans? The best place to start is your account.

Free cancellation and no change fees

Many bookings already qualify for either free cancellation or change options with no fees. Just sign in to your account and check your itinerary. After you review the cancellation policies that apply to your booking, you can change or cancel your bookings from within your itinerary. Remember that if you booked a package holiday, you'll have to cancel your accommodation and your flight separately.

If you don't have an account, you can use the itinerary or confirmation number in the email that you received when you first booked your trip.

For future travel, look for the Free cancellation and No change fee filters when you're browsing. Find out more

Flexible change policies for travel affected by COVID-19

We've also been working with our travel partners to help us to provide flexible policies.

  • For accommodation, check your itinerary to see if your booking qualifies for free cancellation. If it doesn't, you can still cancel, but standard cancellation policies will apply. If you don't see an option to cancel, it might mean that your booking is either too close to check-in or is non-refundable.

    If you booked a holiday rental and your confirmation number begins with HA, see the Vrbo support page.

  • For flights, you may qualify for a cancellation with no change fees and a credit that you can apply to a future flight. If you're travelling after 31 July, we recommend that you check back later. Checking back will help to ensure that the most recent updates apply to your travel plans.

Just sign in to your account and check your itinerary to see if the flexible policies apply to your booking.

Need more information? Check the Customer Support Portal.

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