COVID-19 travel guide

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Ready to travel? Check COVID-19 travel advisories for your destination.

What to expect at the airport

Airports around the world are putting new features and processes in place to help to protect you and staff at the airport. Given the number of new safety measures, we recommend getting to the airport earlier than you normally would.

Before you depart, make sure that you find out what regulations might be in place at your destination. Check for any updates for the airports that you'll be travelling through, too. We also encourage you to check health, safety, and travel advisories often, as circumstances may change.

Social distancing and reduced capacity

Many airports have made modifications to allow travellers and staff to avoid close contact. Features such as contactless check-in, contactless baggage drop-off and social distancing floor markers may have been added. In many cases, airport restaurants and shops are still closed, while others have opened with social distancing measures and reduced capacity rules in place.


Many airports have introduced enhanced sanitisation protocols and installed hand sanitising stations. You may also want to bring your own personal supply of sanitising wipes so that you can wipe down seating, tables and other surfaces that you may have prolonged contact with as you travel.

Personal protective equipment

You may see airport staff wearing face masks and gloves, especially when it's difficult to maintain recommended social distancing measures. In some cases, travellers are also required to wear face masks and gloves. We recommend bringing a mask and gloves with you in case they're required along the way.

Staggered boarding and disembarkation

More social distancing when boarding and disembarking means that it may take more time to get on and off your flight. We recommend that you get to your gate earlier than you normally would, and allow yourself extra transit time during layovers and when you reach your destination.

Temperature checks and additional screening

Some airlines and some destination governments require that you undergo temperature checks or additional screenings before you board. These measures are in place to help to slow the spread of COVID-19 and aid in COVID-19 contact tracing. We recommend allowing extra time when you get to the airport to ensure that you're able to comply with any new requirements that may have been put in place.

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