Enjoy extra hotel savings with your Mastercard!


Save your Mastercard in Expedia Rewards account and receive 1,000 Expedia Rewards points!


Sign up for your Expedia Rewards account if you have yet to and tick off "Join Expedia Rewards"


Log into your account > navigate to "My Account", click on Payment Methods to "Add a new card" and save your MasterCard in account


Proceed to book your choice of travel product and pay with the saved MasterCard on payment page

View Terms & Conditions of Expedia Rewards Points for Mastercard Offer at bottom of this page

Terms & Conditions of Expedia Rewards Points for Mastercard Offer 

- The offer ends at 23:59 hrs (GMT +8) on 30 June 2023 ("Offer Period").  
- The offer is open to individuals aged 18 years and older who (i) hold a Mastercard credit/debit card issued in Singapore (“MC Card”); (ii) are Expedia Rewards members; and (iii) have not saved any MC Card in their member profile on expedia.com.sg before the Offer Period (“Eligible Persons”).
- An Eligible Person who saves his/her MC Card as a payment method on expedia.com.sg during the Offer Period will be credited 1,000 Expedia Rewards points into his/her Expedia Rewards account with expedia.com.sg (“Promotion Points”) on making his/her first booking after he/she has saved his/her MC Card. The Offer is only valid for pre-pay bookings and cannot be redeemed against bookings which are paid at the destination.
- The Promotion Points will be credited within 12-16 weeks after the MC Card is saved in his/her account and not removed and payment for the first booking has been processed, and provided that the MC Card is valid and not cancelled or suspended at the point of crediting of the Expedia Rewards points. No Promotion Points will be credited for cancelled bookings (cancelled for any reason whatsoever).
- Each Eligible Person can redeem the offer only once and receive 1,000 Expedia Rewards points, regardless of the number of MC Cards saved in his/her Expedia account during the Promotion Period.
- The offer is provided by BEX Travel Asia Pte. Ltd. (“Sponsor”).
- Sponsor will use the Eligible Persons’ personal information in accordance with its privacy policy (https://www.expedia.com.sg/p/corporate/privacypolicy).
- The Sponsor reserves the sole and absolute right to cancel or modify the offer at any time without giving any prior notice.
- Offer terms and conditions may not be changed by any representation of any unauthorized person, including employees of the Sponsor. The offer is not transferable and is not redeemable for cash. Offer is void where prohibited by law. This Offer is subject to the Sponsor’s usual terms of use and terms and conditions of the Expedia Rewards.