By Expedia Singapore, on December 16, 2016

Singaporeans are 4th most Vacation Deprived in Asia Pacific

Now in its 16th year, the Expedia Vacation Deprivation Survey reveals interesting insights on how many vacation days were left unused, how vacation deprived employees felt and what they are willing to forgo for one week in order to gain one extra day of vacation. Expedia surveyed 9,424 full-time employees across 28 countries covering: North and South America, Europe, and Asia. The Asia Pacific countries include: Australia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand.

Here are the results!


Sian. long time never go holiday leh… 

Singaporeans are the 4th most vacation deprived in the Asia Pacific

With the “complain king” reputation which Singaporeans are known for, it’s a wonder that we’re not at the top of the list! That honour goes to the Malaysians with 67% claiming to feel deprived, having taken only 12 out of 16 vacation days. In contrast, 58% of Singaporeans claimed to feel vacation deprived and took 14 out of the 18 days in the past year. That leaves 4 unused days out – or a whopping 9 million paid vacation days wasted! *


Vacation Practices by Country




Vacation Days Offered


Vacation Days Taken


Unused Days

Australia 20 15 5
Austria 25 25 0
Belgium 24 23 1
Brazil 30 30 0
Canada 15 14 1
Denmark 25 25 0
Finland 30 30 0
France 30 30 0
Germany 30 28 2
Hong Kong 14 14 0
Ireland 21 21 0
India 21 15 6
Italy 30 25 5
Japan 20 10 10
Malaysia 16 12 4
Mexico 15 12 3
Netherlands 25 22 3
New Zealand 20 19 1
Norway 25 25 0
Singapore 18 14 4
South Korea 15 8 7
Spain 30 30 0
Sweden 25 25 0
Switzerland 25 25 0
Thailand 15 12 3
UAE 30 30 0
United Kingdom 25 25 0
USA 15 12 3

* In 2015, according to the MOM 2015 Employment Statistics, there were 2.26 million employed Singaporeans.



Vacation Deprivation is a State of Mind

So, does having less vacation days mean feeling more vacation deprived? Absolutely not! In fact, the survey shows that it’s only a state of mind. (Note: Bosses, please do not use this line on your subordinates; it doesn’t work!)

For example, Hong Kong workers took their full 14 days of vacation but over half (56%) still felt vacation deprived. Similarly, the New Zealanders left one day unused out of their 29 days of vacation days but 53 percent still felt deprived of having time-off.

At the other end of the spectrum, Japanese workers only took half of their 20 vacation days but only a little more than third (34%) feel vacation deprived!vacation-deprivation-no-enough


Got Leave? Take It And Go. 

Vacation is a right in Europe, a luxury in Asia

Asia’s paid vacation habits closely resembles the U.S. where a full 25 percent of Americans see themselves as “very vacation deprived,” the highest globally whereas only 6 percent of Norwegian and Swiss respondents said the same.

Across Europe, paid vacation days are very much a right (so jealous!). For example, Spanish workers are given 30 days off and take all 30, and the same is true of the Finnish and French. Italian and German workers come close with taking 25 and 28 days, respectively out of the 30 given vacation days.

However, this generous vacation time doesn’t just apply to European nations. Brazilians take their full 30 vacations days, as do residents of the United Arab Emirates!


Pics or it didn’t happen

Singaporeans won’t trade their smartphones for 1 more day of vacation

While we can only turn green with envy at those who get 30 days of vacation a year, there’s a limit to what Singaporeans are willing to give up for a week in exchange for 1 more day of holiday.vacation-deprivation-tradeup

About one third (32%) of Singaporeans said they would give up social media (What? No Facebook?!) for a week in exchange for one extra day of vacation. Almost half of Singaporeans (47%) would avoid alcohol, 42% would skip TV, 32% would not drink coffee, and 21%  would give up sex; no surprises there!

Only 11% of Singapore survey respondents said they would forego the internet entirely while 9% vowed not to touch their smartphone for one additional day off. A full 6% declared not to shower….hmm.



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