By Samantha Tan, on October 19, 2021

With the Return of International Leisure Travel, Expedia Reveals Top Tips for Singapore Travellers to Save Time and Money in 2022

Expedia, Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) reveal handy travel hacks to make the most out of the upcoming travel season

After 20 months of holding back and compromising on nearly everything, Singapore travellers are re-emerging, ready to explore the life-changing experiences travel can bring once again. The recent announcement on the 11 newly-established Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTLs) has been one of the most exciting travel developments for Singapore travellers since the start of the pandemic, especially for a country that holds the title as the most vacation-deprived country in the world today alongside Italy.

To help travellers make the most of their time and money for their first trip in the new travel environment, Expedia has partnered with Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) for the seventh year running to put together the ultimate travel booking guide for 2022.

Airfare Booking Hacks for 2022[1, 2, 3, 4]

Knowing what day to book, how far in advance, and what day to travel will be key to unlocking savings on travel for the coming year. Some key insights uncovered by the research include:

Best day of the week to book[1]

Singaporean travellers might want to wait till the weekend to book their flights – the report revealed that Sunday is the cheapest day to book flights, with tickets close to 20% cheaper than Friday, the most expensive day.

Best day of the week to travel[2]

Thursdays are the cheapest day to depart – with travellers unlocking an average of up to 25% savings compared to the most expensive day (Monday).

Best month to travel[3]

Travellers planning their 2022 trips can also unlock huge savings by being flexible and choosing the right month to travel. For international flights, August is the ideal month to travel, when travellers can save almost 40% versus travelling in January.

Top travel tips for Singapore travellers based on VTL destinations[4]

Following the announcement of the expanded Vaccinated Travel Lane destinations, flight searches to the city of Seoul grew by 180%, with search for flights to Vancouver, Frankfurt, London and Los Angeles doubled[5], underscoring the impact of the VTL announcements on the interest in and demand for international travel.

To help travellers get the most out of their travel planning, Expedia has pulled together a cheat sheet with recommendations on best months to book your flights, single journey, or return, to the 11 VTL destinations, along with estimated savings[6] when booked in those months.

Best month to book flights for existing Singapore VTL destinations:


One way: April (savings of up to 45%)

Return: February (savings of more than 10%)



One way: October (savings of up to 65%)

Return: December (savings of more than 10%)



One way: April (savings of up to 30%)

Return: September /October (savings of more than 15%)


South Korea

One way: May (savings of up to 10%)

Return: July (savings of more than 5%)



One way: April (savings of more than 55%)

Return: May (savings of more than 10%)


The Netherlands

One way: February (savings of more than 30%)

Return: September (savings of more than 5%)



One way: August (savings of more than 30%)

Return: March (savings of more than 10%)


United Kingdom

One way: March (savings of up to 15%)

Return: March (savings of more than 10%)



One way: May (savings of more than 35%)

Return: February (savings of more than 10%)


United States

One way: April & September (savings of more than 10%)

Return: September (savings of up to 10%)



One way: January (savings of up to 25%)

Return: March (savings of up to 10%)



Lavinia Rajaram, Asia Head of Communications, Expedia Group Brands, said: “Travelling in the new environment that we live in today means that travellers will have to factor in the additional cost for COVID-19 related procedures. As such, it is now more important than ever to know the best time to book air tickets, in order to reap savings and get more value out of every travel dollar.”

“Every traveller loves great travel hacks, especially one that provides insights into the sweet spot to book travel to enjoy shaving a couple of dollars off your travel spend. The annual ARC and Expedia travel report is a great source of guidance for ardent travellers looking to explore the world in the coming months.”

 Best practices for travel in the new normal

Travellers should also keep a lookout for travel options that give them the flexibility to change their plans in today’s dynamic travel environment. Consider flexible booking policies, have a list of alternative plans to fall back on, and be mentally prepared for cancellations should the situation on the ground change.

Travel insurance has also become an essential part of every travel booking, especially with the pre-requisite for VTL travel requiring travellers to be insured a minimum sum. Expedia recommends that travellers add a travel insurance plan to every trip, and ensure that the selected plan covers Covid-19 related disruptions such as cancellations and delays, as well as hospitalisation in the worst-case scenario.

Finally, to help travellers get all the information they need about travel at their fingertips, Expedia has recently introduced the COVID-19 Travel Advisory Tool in partnership with Sherpa, which gives travellers information on travel advisories from around the world, including regulations for destinations, safety and health guidelines, and more.


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[1] Best day of the week to book recommendation is based on average round-trip ticket prices for January through August for 2021, sourced from ARC’s global airline sales database.

[2] Best day of the week to depart recommendation is based on average round-trip ticket prices for January through August for 2021, sourced from ARC’s global airline sales database.

[3] Best month to depart recommendation is based on average round-trip ticket prices for January through December for 2020, sourced from ARC’s global airline sales database.

[4] Based on average ticket price (ATP) for standalone economy flights between January through December 2019.

[5] Within the first the first 24 hours since the announcement of expanded Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) destinations on 9 October 2021

[6] Estimated savings when compared to the average ticket price for entire year