By Veera, on August 28, 2015

5 Delicious Answers For Sugar Cravings in Seoul

When we think of Seoul, we often think of Kimchi and Gangnam Style. But there is a lot more to this wonderful metropolitan city than just that, and today I want to focus on a few yummylicious sweet indulging experiences. You see, the locals have figured out what’s imporant in life; dessert! Streets of Seoul are jam-packed with delicious cafés, that you simply need to visit when in town.


1. It’s all pink at Hello Kitty Café

I remember accidentally walking past this café and having to stop immediately. Simply because it’s all pink. A girl has to stop when a café is coloured in pink. Especially when it’s themed with Hello Kitty. The lady-like cat may be Japanese, but this café is a must-visit when in Seoul! The Hello Kitty café in Seoul is a little over-priced compered to elsewhere in the city, but for a reason. It’s not everyday that your latte has a Hello Kitty face on it! The Hello Kitty Café is located in Hongdae area.

6F RiverStar Bldg,
4 Wonhyoro 178-9
Seoul, South Korea
Tel: +82-2-6326-6500~1

Hello Kitty cafe in Seoul

2. Passion 5, the heaven of all dessert

When you ask a local about the must-visit cafés in Seoul, the answer will most likely be Passion 5. Passion 5 is a chic concept focusing on sweet after-dining. It consists of 5 different dessert categories under one roof; bakery, patisserie, chocolates, café and the fifth is said to be the passion of those who bake these divine afters. Passion 5 is located near Hangangjin Station in Hannam-dong. Most tourists don’t even know about it as the building does not stand out, but my insider tip for you is to look for a big red chicken outside and you cannot get lost!
729-74, Hannam-dong,
Seoul, South Korea
Tel: +82-2-2071-9507
Open: 07:30 – 22:00


3. Icy treats at Homestead Coffee

There are a few branches of Homestead Coffee around Seoul, and they instantly became my go-to-choice for feeding my sweet tooth while getting some work done. The deserts here are massive, like almost everywhere in town. All Homestead Coffee’s have a great atmosphere and they just happen to be very cozy, definitely to my liking! You should have seen my face when I first ordered a bowl of shaved ice; it would have been enough for a family of 5, but I finished it like a champion!

You can find several Homestead Coffee’s in Seoul.


4. Furry Friends at Cats Living Cat Café

You cannot visit Seoul without visiting a cat café. There are a few to choose from, but I rather enjoyed my afternoon at Cats Living! The café only takes in a certain amount of visitors at certain times per day, so be prepared to wait for your turn and check the schedule before visiting. To get in, you need to pay an entry, but the price will include a drink. The café is located in Hongdae, which in general is a great area for shopping and dining!

2F 358-111 Seogyo-dong,
Seoul, South Korea
Tel: +82 20 -7319-1320
Open: 13:00-23:00


5. Foot-long ice-cream cones around Myeundong

Myeundong is actually not a café, but a busy neighbourhood. When you walk around the shopping district, you are bound to wander about those strange ice-cream cones hanging on many food stalls. Have one, I dare you. Ice-cream will never be the same again. I promise. Actually, you may be surprised that Korea just happens to have some of the world’s best ice-creams!



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