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7 Insta-worthy Hotels in New York City to Make Your Trip One to Remember

Frank Sinatra once referred to this place as the city that never sleeps and the hotels in New York City live up to this image. With such a wide range of popular tourist attractions, the most populous city in America seems to have something for everyone at any given time of the year.

These days, tourists are not only checking into hotels for board and lodging but also for the opportunity to beef up their Instagram feed. Stepping up to the plate, the city is now filled with some of the world’s most photogenic hotels. Picking the right one can be tricky, but you can skip the boring filters if you’re staying in one of these 7 Insta-worthy hotels in NYC.

Insta-Worthy Hotels in New York City

1) Pod 51


The very first pod hotel, Pod 51 pioneered a new breed of budget New York hotels and is still one of the most affordable options in the city. Set in Midtown Manhattan, it is just a 15-minute walk away from 5th Avenue, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Rockefeller Center and the Top of the Rock. The pod hotel provides cosy spaces for leisure or work.

Your Instagram instincts will start to kick in once you see the fun feature wall at the lobby and it’ll only amplify as you walk into the modern minimalist hotel rooms. More excitement awaits you on the colorful al fresco rooftop which offers you several spots to get the perfect Instagram shot.





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2) The Roger


If you are looking for a quaint hotel in Midtown, The Roger is just the place for you. It is located on Madison Avenue and is 15 minutes away from the Empire State Building, Macy’s, the Flatiron Building, and Grand Central Terminal.

Styled by interior designer Anna Busta, the lobby seating area effortlessly marries uptown elegance and downtown cool. The surrounding exposed brick walls are decorated with celebrity photos you have probably never seen before. Everything about this place is aesthetically pleasing and it’ll be easy for you to find an area to shoot your next selfie.




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3) Casablanca Hotel by LHC


Also located in Midtown is the Casablanca Hotel, which is, as its name implies, inspired by the classic romance film, Casablanca. This family-friendly hotel is only steps away from Times Square, Broadway, the New Amsterdam Theatre, and Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

Despite the many great New York attractions surrounding the Casablanca Hotel, it’s totally understandable if you want to remain cooped up inside its cosy rooms! From the warmly-lit lobby to the blue velvet carpeted stairs, be prepared to strike a pose in every corner of this Insta-worthy hotel!





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4) Chelsea Pines Inn


The Chelsea Pines Inn is another interesting place among the hotels in New York City. It was originally a private home in the 1850s until a couple transformed it into a lovely hotel in 1986. The 5-storey walk-up building is located in Greenwich Village and is a 10-minute walk away from Chelsea Market and the High Line Park.

One look is all it takes to fall in love with this beautiful Celluloid Heroes-themed hotel. The pastel interior walls are decorated with authentic movie posters from the Golden Age of Hollywood. All of them are part of the hotel owner’s personal collection. Sleep under the vintage posters of Susan Hayward in Woman Obsessed and be poised to take selfie after selfie.




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5) Henry Norman Hotel


Located in the unique Greenpoint neighbourhood in Brooklyn, Henry Norman Hotel is the perfect hotel for film enthusiasts who want to explore this exciting Hollywood film location. This is one of the hotels that are close to the New York activities and attractions like Central Park, Madison Square Garden, and 5th Avenue.

Previously a textile warehouse, you can have its capacious loft-style suite all to yourself. The interior walls are tastefully decorated with artful paintings and colorful shade lamps. The overall artsy look of the hotel is definitely worth sharing with your social media followers.





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6) The Box House Hotel


Greenpoint is also home to The Box House Hotel. The interior walls, which are lined with beautiful stained glass windows, pays homage to its past as a manufacturing facility that makes doors and windows. This place has since turned into a retro-style haven. The high ceilings make room for more intricate wall décor, giving you more choices for photo backgrounds.

Be sure not to leave without capturing a good one with the cafe’s fuchsia faux leather sofas. While you’re at it, take a top-to-bottom photo because the floor tiles are Insta-worthy, too!





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7) Hotel RL by Red Lion Brooklyn


Last but not the least, a family-friendly fixture in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Hotel RL Brooklyn is just 10-minute drive to Prospect Park, Brooklyn Museum, and Brooklyn Bridge Park. From the outside, you can already tell the hotel interiors are going to be fully decked out in a sophisticated industrial design.

The spacious, warmly-lit lobby greets you as you enter the hotel and opens up into an airy cafe. This hotel, with its bare brick walls and wooden accents, will definitely have you clicking away at your camera.





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There you have it! 7 charming hotels in New York City that will totally amp up your Instagram feed. Feel the wanderlust tugging at your heartstrings already? Check out this travel guide to find out what else NYC has to offer!



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