By Rebecca Wurd, on December 1, 2014

2 Dec: National Jandal Day, New Zealand

True to the nation’s fun spirit, New Zealand has a special day for flip flops. Jandals (japanese sandals) is the local word for flip-flops. National Jandal Day is an annual fundraising appeal in December, that doubles as a day of appreciation for surf lifeguards.

Surfing is popular in New Zealand’s beautiful waters, so surf lifeguards do an important job of rescuing and helping people in the water.

On National Jandal Day, it’s all about flipflops with giant jandals everywhere and Kiwis going casual in jandals across New Zealand, in support of the charity movement by Surf Life Saving. Representatives from Surf Life Saving hit the streets selling everything from jandals to floaties, to raise funds for their organization t0 buy important equipment for their lifesaving and water rescues.