By Reebonz Style Gurus, on July 21, 2016

Celebrity Airport Fashion Styles

What do you usually wear when you’re rushing to the airport to catch your flight? For most of us, comfort is key so we end up reaching for tights and lived-in baggy t-shirts. But superstars, who have paparazzi hot on their heels, don’t quite have that option of sporting birds nest hair and hoping no one notices. Celebrities have perfected the art of travelling in style.

Take a cue from them – traveling comfortably doesn’t necessarily mean forsaking style! While we might not have a glam squad to spritz us with a dewy moisturizer, bodyguards to lift our bags and pets peeping out our handbags to distract with cuteness, we can look pretty darn good too. All you really need is just a dash of effort, sprinkled with style and confidence.

Let’s flip through the book of celebrities’ trendy airport styles for these essential tips to get you looking super jambu, to travel in style even on long haul flights.



1) Skinny Jeanscelebrity-airport-styles

Jeans might not be the first thing you’d picture when you think celebrity style. It’s pretty casual and they’re all about glamour. But even celebrities make exceptions for comfort when travelling on long haul flights.

Jeans offer comfort that not many dresses or skirts can offer, allowing you flexibility in movement so that you can stretch however you want in your seat without creating any crease. It is also versatile and can be easily paired with almost anything, from a blouse to a figure-hugging tee.

Far from the texan cowboy’s version of rugged mud-covered jeans, skinny jeans offer a sexier look that’s totally trendy. That is probably why you find actresses like Jennifer Aniston with a predilection for skinny jeans.


2) Handsome Luggage celebrity-airport-fashion-2

The handbag. It keeps your passport safely clutched under your arm. It contains lipstick to add life to your face after a long flight. It’s a brick to swing at cheeky thiefs beyond foreign airport exit doors. It’s a pillow for a quick snooze during a layover. AND it can elevate your look to super stylo milo. Thank goodness for handbags, amiright?

For your hand-carry, you could opt for a chunky designer shopping tote, or a classy cabin-sized suitcase. It’s not all black and grey boring suitcases out there anymore. These days you can find some fancy colours and designs, so do a bit of shopping and invest in a good luggage that will serve you will both functionally and visually – taking your airport style up a notch. Jessica Alba looks amazing methinks, with her sophisticated luggage perfectly complementing the rest of her outfit.

3) Sunglasses

To look cool.

Well, there’s actually more to it than that. Pop over to Reebonz style files to see the rest of the airport fashion tips. Shop online for cool designer accessories, they’ll have you looking fly when you fly.




For the month of July, the style experts at Reebonz are taking over! Check in for fashion tips to travel in style, looking good and feeling healthy.

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