Zocalo Square which includes night scenes

Heavenly architecture and mighty volcanoes are some of the stunning sights to enjoy in this scenic state.

Once known as a conservative and religious state, Puebla now offers art and nightlife while carefully preserving its proud heritage. Discover intricate architecture, fine craftsmanship and complex flavors in the capital. Experience exciting adventures in the stunning countryside.

Nestled in central Mexico, in the shadow of the Popocatépetl and Iztaccihuatl volcanoes, the state capital, also called Puebla, has been named a “heroic” city as the site where Mexican troops defeated the French army in 1862. Today, its UNESCO-listed colorful center reflects the country’s colonial past. Explore winding streets, fountains, gardens and craft markets in the shadow of church domes and well-preserved architecture. On weekends, the main plaza resounds with music and street performers.

Plan to eat out often in Puebla. The city and the whole state are famous for distinctive cuisine. Some of Mexico’s most popular national dishes were created here, including chocolate-based mole poblano sauce.

Look for locally produced, intricately patterned ceramic pottery. Talavera tiles decorate hundreds of Puebla’s buildings and are sold in numerous shops here.

Just 6 miles (10 kilometers) west of Puebla lies Cholula, a colonial town filled with churches. Its archaeology park features one of Mexico’s ancient pyramids, Pirâmide Tepanapa. Explore the labyrinth of interior tunnels. Visit during the week to avoid crowds.

Follow the Franciscan Route with a local tour guide, leaving Cholula in the morning to visit incredible, intricate churches and other cultural attractions in the villages of Tonantzintla and Acatepec. Another benefit of being in Cholula in the early morning is the view of the state’s two volcanoes, which are often obscured by mist later in the day.

Popocatépetl is Mexico’s most famous volcano. Still active, it towers over Puebla and Cholula from the west. At the Izta-Popo Zoquiapan National Park, hike up one of the four peaks of the dormant Iztaccihuatl volcano. The surrounding valleys and mountains are filled with even more opportunities for hiking, plus camping, rafting and hang-gliding.

Puebla has frequent bus service from Mexico City. Alternatively, fly into Puebla International Airport.

Popular cities in Puebla

Zocalo Square which includes night scenes
One of the oldest cities in Mexico fascinates visitors with its Spanish colonial buildings, creative cuisines and artistic output.

Reasons to visit

  • Puebla Cathedral
  • Zocalo Square
  • Artist Quarter