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Foodie’s Guide to Jordan

Jordan is one of the most intriguing food destinations in the world. While it can be called a haven of gourmets, Jordanian food isn’t just about eating for sustenance. It’s so much about revelling in the Middle-Eastern culture. The fresh produce of fruits and veggies, the use of various herbs, and the elaborate style of… Continue reading Foodie’s Guide to Jordan

Foodie’s Guide to Paris

Paris is a dream destination for many travellers as it is not only home to the iconic Eiffel Tower, but also a hub for art, fashion and – my personal favourite – food. We hear about Paris often enough that it now sounds like an overrated city but I have to say, I absolutely love… Continue reading Foodie’s Guide to Paris

Foodie’s Guide to Bangkok

I have always been a foodie. My late nights are often spent secretly binging Chef’s Table, and I am always on the hunt for the best lunch deals. Recently, I have taken it upon myself to take this food obsession overseas, and what better place to start than Bangkok? They say it’s every shopaholic and… Continue reading Foodie’s Guide to Bangkok

Taiwan’s 8 Must-Try Halal Food

Taiwan has a lot to offer – from an impressive city skyline featuring the once world’s tallest building Taipei 101 to bustling night markets that remain boisterous into the am, serving all of the Taiwanese favourites. As Taiwan sees the rise in the number of Muslim travellers visiting in the last decade, the government has taken initiatives… Continue reading Taiwan’s 8 Must-Try Halal Food

An Expert’s Guide to Taiwan Night Markets

For a food lover like me, there’s nowhere I’d rather be than in Taiwan. In a global ranking of the world’s greatest night markets, Taiwan’s night markets have conquered two thrones on the list. Night markets play a prominent role in Asian culture, with all the food, smells, hustle and bustle, and hawker traditions. So… Continue reading An Expert’s Guide to Taiwan Night Markets

Heritage of Flavour: Origins of our Favourite Singaporean Food

Exploring Love and Food in Frankfurt

Known for its modern skyline and economic vigour, Frankfurt is a booming tourist destination for explorers of all ages. For many travellers, Frankfurt is a gateway to Europe, but there is more to see than just roaming around the Frankfurt International Airport. An internationally diverse city, Frankfurt has many great things to offer, ranging from… Continue reading Exploring Love and Food in Frankfurt

Best Nyonya Food in Malacca

A trip to Malacca is incomplete without indulging in one of the best local cuisines — the Nyonya cuisine or the Peranakan cuisine. Nyonya food dates back to the early Chinese descendants who had migrated to Melaka, Penang and neighbouring countries of Southeast Asia. The food has mixed cultural influences derived from the Malay and Chinese.… Continue reading Best Nyonya Food in Malacca

Where to Eat in Bangkok Like A Local

Bangkok is one of those rare cities where you can get high-quality, consistent and delectable food both in stuffy hole-in-the-walls as well as elegant candle-lit restaurants. Although the lure of the Thai capital’s trendy cafes and fancy eateries is surely warranted, why not take to the streets for Thai fare just like the locals do?… Continue reading Where to Eat in Bangkok Like A Local

Showing results 11 - 20 / 65