By Veera, on September 4, 2015

Go Explore the Finnish Lapland

Sometimes I find it hard to believe that I was born in such a magical place. I was born in a country covered in ice and snow. A country where wolves still run wild. And where you can travel for miles on end, companied with nothing but the purest of nature.

Finland itself is a unique and still somewhat of a quirky destination in the northern part of the globe. From Singapore, you can get a direct Finnair flight to the country’s capital, Helsinki. Lapland is only a short flight away from Helsinki.


1. Simply put, lapland is magical

Lapland to me is like straight out of a fairytale. Lapland is like a Disney story that was never written in words, but rather painted in the nature with the divinest of colours. When the ground under your feet is soft as cotton, the air you breath as fresh as a daisy and the day is lightened without the sun – how could you not call it magic.


Image Credit: Visit Finland

2. Lapland is the home of Santa Claus

To continue the magic, let me tell you something. Santa Claus is real. And he lives in the Finnish Lapland. If you don’t believe me, you can even go visit him at his home in the Arctic Circle. Though you should not come in the summer, as the rumor has it he likes spending the warmer months in the Canary Islands.


3. You can get a reindeer driving license

We all have our own way of breaking the ice when meeting new people – for me it is telling them that I don’t have a license to drive a car, but that I do have one to drive a reindeer. The reindeer is an icon of the Finnish Lapland, and for a reason. There are actually almost as many reindeer as there are people in Lapland! In the snow, a reindeer sleigh is the best form of transportation. There is no metro network here.

reindeer license

Image Credit: Visit Finland


4. You can sleep in a snow castle or a glass igloo

Do you know what it feels like to fall asleep looking at the northern lights from the warmth of your own bed? In Kakslauttanen, you can sleep in a glass igloo in the middle of the snow, admiring the night sky between your sheets. Another great option is to stay in the snow castle of Kemi or Arctic Snowhotel in Rovaniemi.


Image Credit: Visit Finland

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When I first moved from Finland to Australia, all the locals wanted to know what it feels like to walk on clouds. Well I told them it feels ravishing. I told them that you haven’t truly lived until you have seen how the snow sparkles when touched by sunlight.


Image Credit: Visit Finland


6. Northern lights are way better than stars at night

We all know those nights looking at the stars in the sky, or admiring the wonder that is full moon. But here in the north of Finland, the sky sometimes gets lighted with these otherworldly lights that dance in the darkness. The best time to spot Northern lights is between September and March. They can be spotted about 10-20 times per year in the north of Finland.

Snowland Rovaniemi

Image Credit: Visit Finland

7. The most organic local cuisine

At first, it may be a strange idea to enjoy local cuisine in one of the coldest places on earth. There for sure are no abundances of tropical fruit here. But Finland is home to the freshest berries, mushrooms and game meat. Did you know, that one of the favourite dishes in Lapland is actually reindeer meat?

8. Immerse yourself in the old Sámi culture

Sámi culture refers to the endangered culture of the indigenous people of Lapland. There are still over 9,000 Sámi people living in Lapland. Sámi’s speak their own language and have an old culture, which they are happy to share with you when you give them a chance to tell their story.

sami culture reindeer

Image Credit: Visit Finland

9. See wilderness at its purest

In Lapland, if you take a walk in the forest, you may run into its inhabitants. Wolves. Bears. Reindeer. Moose. Wolverine. The forests hold a life of their own, with many large predators. Africa may have their big five to attract travellers, but so do we. It can be scary, but somewhat enchanting to cross paths with a beast of prey in the snow.

10. Experience nights where the sun never sets

If you travel to Lapland in the summer time, you will be surprised. There are nights when the sun never sets. Mid summer in Lapland may not be as hot as a a summer in Singapore, but it’s sure an experience unlike any other.

bear finland

Image Credit: Visit Finland

11. In the fall, the country turns orange

Truly though, no matter what time of the year you travel to Lapland, it will bewitch your spirit. When the fall comes, the entire country turns orange, in a way you’ve probably never experienced before. This is the time for hiking and taking walks on the wild side.

12. Listen to silence, like you’ve never heard it before

In the outbacks of Lapland, silence may be the only noise you hear. And perhaps the silent sound of an eagle flying by. Or a reindeer making its way down the forest. Just listen.


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All photos by Visit Finland