West Railay Beach

West Railay Beach featuring tropical scenes, swimming and a beach
Enjoy the scenery on this secluded beach isolated from towns by limestone cliffs, where rock climbers find fun and challenge.

West Railay Beach is a scenic stretch of sand on the western part of a small peninsula in southern Thailand. It is known for its challenging limestone crags great for free climbing and ropes work. Watch rock climbers attempting to conquer the cliffs that separate the isolated beaches here from the town and province of Krabi.

Rent a boat or ferry from the beach and travel to Phi Phi Island and other destinations. Ride on a long-tail boat for a unique Thailand experience. Gaze back at the dramatic cliffs and snap photos of the spectacular scenery. The views are particularly enchanting at dusk, when the sun descends beyond the horizon.

Embark on a trek along the meandering paths under jungle cover. Relax on the sand and enjoy the serenity in this isolated oasis. Beachcomb for shells and other treasures and cool down in the Andaman Sea after sunbathing.

Try some of the many activities available on the Railay Peninsula, such as rock climbing, sea kayaking and scuba diving. Go snorkeling in the sea and spot the range of colorful fish. For a bit more adventure inland, try whitewater rafting, quad biking or elephant trekking.

Follow the trails that lead between resorts and lush, tropical forests to the beach’s counterpart, East Railay Beach. Here, you will find the docking point for boats arriving from Krabi. Climb to the Railay Beach Viewpoint for excellent views of both East and West Railay.

Just north of the beach, visit Ton Sai, which is known as a backpacker haven due to its laid-back vibe. Walk or kayak to the Prah Nang Cave and neighboring beach.

West Railay Beach is in the southwestern part of the Krabi province in southwestern Thailand. Since high limestone cliffs block off the roads, it can only be reached by boats from Ao Nang to East Railay Beach. See some of the luxury resorts in the area and go to the nearby Heaven 7 children’s park that has panoramic coastal views.

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