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7 Insta-worthy Hotels in Hong Kong

Plan a trip to Hong Kong for an unforgettable dining experience on a shoestring budget. There’s an infinite number of street-food stalls, selling everything from stinky tofu and fish balls to French fries and milk tea.

The city is also known as a shopping mecca, brimming with malls and markets, including the famous Ladies’ Market and Temple Street night market in Mong Kok. It is also a city with mind-blowing street art drawn by famed international artists like Cristian Storm, Xeva, and Okuda San Miguel.

If you’re an avid Instagrammer looking for a place to stay, we’ve curated these 7 Insta-worthy hotels in Hong Kong especially for you. Check them out!

Insta-Worthy Hotels in Hong Kong

1) Madera Hollywood


Madera Hollywood is a glamorous boutique hotel in the heart of Hong Kong’s Soho district. It is near the Central Piers, Lan Kwai Fong, Dried Seafood Street, Hollywood Road antique shops, Upper Lascar Row, and many more. Inspired by the golden age of Chaplin, Monroe, Hepburn, Sinatra, and Crosby, the hotel is famous among visitors for its chic and sophisticated Hollywood Regency design. The rooms are filled with old-world charm and bold accent colours. The oversized velvet sofas add a distinct flair to the rooms and are probably the most envious elements that can be featured in your Instagram shots.





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2) Travelodge Central, Hollywood Road


One of the hotels in Hong Kong located at the popular Hollywood Road, Travelodge Central is surrounded by artisan coffee shops, art galleries, and antique sellers. It is only a few steps away from Possession Street, Tai Ping Shan Street, Upper Lascar Row, and Man Mo Temple. The hotel combines both urban décor with a few traditional elements. All rooms are designed for comfort and provide breathtaking views of the city’s skyscrapers – the kind that you’ll only see in Hong Kong.





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3) Mojo Nomad Central


The Hong Kong Central district offers ample choices for Insta-worthy hotels- including the Mojo Nomad Central. It is within walking distance to the Victoria Harbour and Hollywood Road. The hotel boasts a Mexican restaurant as the top spot for a night out, offering zingy margaritas and artisanal tequilas. Its lobby has a bit of futuristic touch, characterised by geometric wall décor and hue lights. The guest-rooms are thoughtfully designed with contemporary style to cater both short- and long-term stays.





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Located in Causeway Bay, TUVE is only 10 minutes away from Victoria Harbour and Victoria Park. This hotel is breathtakingly beautiful. The interior features a timeless design with minimalist style. Every corner of this hotel follows a captivating and elegant aesthetic combined with the bare mineral feel of a Nordic landscape in shades of white and grey. This grungy, monochromatic hideaway lets lucky visitors experience a rough cavernous grandeur you can’t get anywhere else in Hong Kong. This place is, without a doubt, highly Instagrammable.






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5) Y Loft, Youth Square


Y Loft is located in eastern Hong Kong, just a few kilometres away from Victoria Harbour, Big Wave Bay Beach, Taikoo Place, Stanley Main Beach and Stanley Market. Y Loft offers a comfortable stay for large tour groups and even caters to wheelchair users by having a few bigger rooms with widened access corridors. The interior is individually styled by local young artists and every room is unique.





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6) Ovolo Southside


Ovolo Southside is a fixture in the hip southern district and is within a 15-minute walk to Ocean Park and the Jumbo Kingdom. Formerly a warehouse, this hotel is a paragon of contemporary art and industrial edge. Heavily inspired by iconic rock artists such as Queen, Pink Floyd, and The Beatles, this hotel brims with bespoke original artwork and vibrant memorabilia. This rock-themed hotel is ideal for Instagrammers who love vibrant splashes of color in their feed.





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7) Hotel VIC on the Harbour


Hotel VIC is a luxury stay at North Point that features picturesque panoramic views of Victoria Harbour. Built to the highest standards by renowned award-winning architects and interior designers, this hotel has become a remarkable new landmark on the Hong Kong Harbourfront. The gym is equipped with advanced exercise machines and is the perfect place for you to shoot a gym selfie. The hotel features a rooftop facility where you can relax to your heart’s desire.






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Hong Kong may well be one of the best travel-for-the-gram Asian destinations! The city is perfect for everyone: from foodies and shopaholics to party-goers and art lovers. Interested to discover more about Hong Kong’s attractions? Check out this travel guide, grab some deals, and start packing your bags!



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