By Samantha Tan, on May 18, 2021

Air Travel Bubble: Traveller Guide to Hong Kong

NOTE: The Air Travel Bubble between Singapore and Hong Kong has been postponed as of 17 May 2021. While we await further updates, the following information has been prepared to give travellers guidance on the arrangements to date. We encourage travellers to refer to the most up to date advisories found here, ahead of planning your travel.

For customers who have booked trips to Hong Kong via Expedia, please refer to your online itinerary for amendment or contact our customer service for further assistance.


We know that planning for travel in a post-pandemic era can be stressful. The team at Expedia has prepared this guide to help with all the questions you may have on the ‘Singapore – Hong Kong Air Travel Bubble’.

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1. What is the Singapore – Hong Kong Air Travel Bubble?

The ‘Singapore – Hong Kong Air Travel Bubble’ (ATB) will allow for Singaporeans and Hong Kong residents to travel between the two cities for leisure. Travellers taking the ATB flights won’t need to serve Stay Home Notice (SHN) or quarantine in either cities.

2. Who is eligible?

Any person who has remained in Singapore for 14 consecutive days prior to departure. However, the compulsory quarantine period served in Singapore as a result of previous overseas travel does not count towards the 14-day requirement for travel under the Air Travel Bubble. Work Permit and S-Pass holders working in the construction, marine shipyard or process sectors in Singapore are not permitted to travel under the ATB.

3. Where should I go to retrieve the latest information about the Singapore – Hong Kong Air Travel Bubble?

You may refer to Singapore’s Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) Safe Travel website for the latest information on the ATB.

Planning your travel to Hong Kong

4. How is the Covid-19 situation in Hong Kong right now? Is it safe to travel there?

We encourage travellers to keep up to the date with the latest updates on the Covid-19 situation in Hong Kong. Visit

5. Are hotels, attractions and activities in Hong Kong operating as per normal?

Most hotels, attractions and activities have resumed operations but with social distancing measures in place. In public places, all group gatherings of more than four people are prohibited. This will apply to attractions and outdoor activities. Hotel areas are considered indoor, and hotel restaurants allow four to eight pax maximum per table, depending on the restaurant employees’ and visitors’ vaccination status, with dine-in till 10pm to 2am.

Under the “vaccine bubble” measures, further relaxation of rules will be applicable for those at outdoor and indoor dining. Guests are required to use the “LeaveHomeSafe” mobile app every time before entering a premises. Wearing of a mask is mandatory at all times.

6. Where do I go to retrieve the latest Hong Kong public health advisories for travellers from Singapore?

In view of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, you may refer to the Government of Hong Kong SAR’s official websites for information on public health advisories affecting travellers from Singapore:

7. What measures have airlines undertaken to safeguard the health and safety of travellers?

Most airlines have stepped up on their cleaning measures aimed at safeguarding the health and safety of travellers on flights. For more information on the precautionary measures taken by each airline, visit your airline’s website.

8. What measures have hotels, attractions and activity operators in Hong Kong undertaken to safeguard the health and safety of travellers?

The Hong Kong Government requires premises to undergo regular disinfection, while temperature checks and hand sanitising measures are available at most places upon entry.

Travellers can also use the “enhanced cleaning” filter on when searching and booking for hotel or activities.

9. What are the pre-requisites for me to travel to Hong Kong?

Only travellers that meet the criteria set by both the Singapore and Hong Kong governments will be allowed to participate in and travel under the ATB. More details can be found here.

10. What should I do if I come down with Covid-19 symptoms in Hong Kong?

Should travellers, who are non-Hong Kong residents, test positive for COVID-19 while in Hong Kong, they will be accorded the necessary medical treatment by the Hong Kong Government. Such travellers will need to bear the full cost of any medical treatment provided to them, or purchase travel insurance prior to their trip to cover the cost of COVID-19 related medical treatment.

Flights, Accommodation and Activity Bookings

11. Which flights, accommodation and activities am I eligible to book if I am travelling to Hong Kong?

Currently, most hotels and activities have resumed operations. However, only specific Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific Airlines flights will be operating under the ATB. Taking non-ATB flights would require you to serve a 21-day or 14-day quarantine and 7-day self-monitoring (if you have taken all doses of vaccination) in Hong Kong and 7-day home stay home notice (SHN) when you return to Singapore. For a start, the ATB will be limited to 200 passengers each direction as there will only be one flight per day.

12. Is there free cancellation for my flight, accommodation and activity bookings?

Now more than ever, you need the ability to change or cancel travel plans without having to pay steep fees or jump through hoops. Filter for “free cancellation” or “reserve now, pay later” to find flexible bookings on, and make sure to select a refundable type. Make note of any cancellation deadlines for a full refund and look out for any restrictive airfares that prohibit changes.

For more information on how to cancel or make changes to your booking, visit this page.

13. Can I use my airline or hotel credit for booking trips to Hong Kong?

Customers with existing airline or hotel credit/coupon may follow the guide provided here to understand if they qualify for future bookings.

Returning to Singapore from Hong Kong

14. What are the pre-requisites for me to return to Singapore

Returning travellers will need to undergo mandatory Covid-19 PCR testing in Hong Kong within 72 hours of departure from Hong Kong, prior to their return to Singapore.

15. What do I need to do before my departure flight to Singapore?

We encourage travellers to follow the pre-departure process from Hong Kong to Singapore and complete the checklist outlined by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore here (see point #5).

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Due to the nature of the COVID-19 situation and the implementation of the ‘Singapore – Hong Kong Air Travel Bubble’ Campaign, we are not liable for any outdated or incorrect information above.

Customers are strongly encouraged to check for the latest information.