By Anusha K, on September 16, 2016

Running in the City

If you’re the kind of person who prefers to discover new destinations securely strapped into a pair of your favourite running shoes, this list is for you. Some of the most popular cities for a holiday away from Singapore, also have a great running culture and jog-friendly landscapes. If you like to keep fit on holiday or enjoy exploring a city while having a workout, here are some great cities to go running plus a couple of tips to make it a run to remember.


Running in Melbourne

Running in Melbourne CC 2.0 / Tim Atkin

Where to run in Melbourne

Famously voted as the World’s Most Liveable City, Melbourne is also known for its quaint Victorian-themed architecture. Use your run as the perfect excuse to marvel at the buildings in the city centre. The beaches and parks are more suited to leisurely strolls and picnics, but there’s nothing to stop you from blazing a trail in those landscapes either.

The city is laid out in a simple-to-navigate grid format, so you can weave in and out of lanes as you wish without having to worry much about getting lost. You’ll pass shops, offices and plenty of cafes – the aroma of freshly-ground coffee will keep you going!

The best time to go running in Melbourne

Set out early before the morning rush and you’ll have less human traffic to weave in and out of. Then, head into one of the many cafes en route for an Aussie-style brekkie, which typically includes eggs, avocado, toast and some of the world’s best coffee; perfect for a rewarding post-workout fix.


Running in Tokyo

Running in Tokyo CC by 2.0 / mrhayata

Where to run in Tokyo

Skip the parks and popular running routes and instead opt for a scenic route along the Meguro River. It’s especially pretty if you go in the springtime during cherry blossom season, but even during the other seasons, you’ll still be immersed in quintessential Tokyo.

Nearby enclaves, such as Nakameguro, are known for their hip vibe. If you aren’t too sweaty, pop into alleyways filled with vintage shops, romantic bookstores, quirky cafes and trendy izakayas.

Best time to go running in Tokyo

Go in the evening, just around sunset, when the skies turn dark, streets light up and izakayas start to fire up. The buzzing vibe will be hard to forget.


Running in London

running-in-london CC 2.0 / Flavio Ensiki

Where to run in London

There are several popular running trails to try, including the Thames Path along the famous Thames River. Alternatively, map your own trail for a run by the city’s most renowned attractions. They’re all set a modest distance apart.

Start at Piccadilly Circus and loop around Trafalgar Square, then run along Pall Mall, past St James Square and Buckingham Palace. From there, head to Westminster Abbey and then towards the Westminster Bridge – you’ll pass Big Ben along the way.

Best time to go running in London 

Ideally during the daytime, so you can appreciate the landmarks in their full glory.


Running in Hong Kong

Victoria Harbour, Sunset in Hong Kong

Where to run in Hong Kong 

The Peak is known for its stunning cityscape and Victoria Harbour views, offering an outlook 428m above sea level. There’s no reason why you can’t turn a visit here into an exhilarating running route.

The Peak Tram will get you up to the Peak Tower and from there you can start your run along Lugard Road. You can go as far as you like to loop around the Peak – no matter what distance you cover, you are guaranteed breathtaking views to remember.

Best time to go running in Hong Kong

Skyscraper skylines look best set against a magnificent sunset, so time your run to coincide with this magical moment.


Running in New York

Running-in-newyork-centralpark CC 2.0 / A. Strakey

Where to run in New York

Give in to the cliche and head straight for Central Park. It’s iconic New York and you’ll find yourself jogging alongside tourists and locals alike (and reliving scenes from your favourite movies and TV shows!). There are several routes to pick from or you can just wing it and see where your feet take you.

Best time to go running in New York

The park is closed to traffic on weekdays between 10am-3pm and 7pm-10pm. On weekends, it’s from 7pm on Friday to 6am on Monday, so run during these times.