Gardens by the Bay

Singapore Gardens by the Bay which includes a park, modern architecture and interior views
Three waterfront gardens make up this stunning combination of nature and human ingenuity.

Gardens by the Bay is located on 101 hectares of reclaimed land, and is a milestone of Singapore's reinvention. This futuristic complex of indoor and outdoor horticulture is characterised by exotic plant life, dazzlingly iconic structures, and ground-breaking ways of displaying trees, flowers and more.

Gardens by the Bay's most recognisable feature is its 'Supertrees'. These towering man-made structures reach between 25 and 50 metres high. Get up amongst these behemoths and view the gardens from a different angle by embarking on the skywalk. Advanced technology means that the Supertrees mimic real trees, harnessing solar energy and collecting rainwater. The vines, ferns, orchids and other real plants surrounding them benefit from this. Come here after dark to see the "Garden Rhapsody" light show spectacular, during which the trees come alive with an impressive display of music and light.

The Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest conservatories are the other two major attractions. The latter represents a tropical mountain climate. Work your way up from the ferns, fly traps and conifers in the 'foothills' to the aerial walkway which wraps itself around the top of the plant-clad 'mountain'. You can also delve into the Cavern and Crystal Mountain to see exhibitions on mineralogy. The Flower Dome, meanwhile, replicates a Mediterranean climate. See and smell everything from Australian eucalyptus, to Canary Island date palms, to South American monkey puzzle trees. The baobab trees in the Flower Dome are especially popular.

Outside these two major conservatories, take a hike around the park's numerous trails, which lead to various gardens. Among these are the Heritage Gardens, which explore the link between Singapore's plants and its culture, and the World of Plants, which is full of fascinating facts about trees, flowers and fruits. The Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lakes, both full of aquatic life, are worth exploring too.

The Gardens by the Bay are near the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Get there by bus or MRT (the Bayfront station is just over the Dragonfly Bridge). The Gardens by the Bay are open daily. The Flower Dome, Cloud Forest and skywalk charge an admission fee.