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With so much to see and do on your adventure, booking a hotel with a bar makes it easier than ever to wind down and relax after a busy day. At a hotel bar, you'll find a wide variety of drinks and exceptional service that is more convenient and often more affordable than visiting a bar outside of the hotel. Plus, you don't have to worry about getting back home as you're likely to be just a few short steps, or a relaxing elevator ride, away from the comfort of your room.

A hotel having a bar is just the beginning, as you can opt for something far fancier if you're looking for a bit more luxury in your trip. A hotel with a rooftop bar may be especially fitting since it offers all the convenience of any other kind of hotel bar, but with the addition of scenic views. Plus, a hotel with a sky bar lets you enjoy the fresh air and really take in the atmosphere of your destination while you're enjoying your drink in a way that a hotel with a balcony alone just can't do. This is especially noticeable when you book hotels with bars in Harbourfront or other eclectic neighbourhoods.

Finding the perfect hotel with a bar is easy when you book with Expedia. All you have to do is enter where you're looking to go and apply the bar search filter. If you're trying to find bar hotels in Chinatown, for example, the search filters and set destination will only return the results you need. You can even add more filters if you like, as Expedia's library is so large that you'll have plenty of options to choose from even if you narrow down your search significantly.

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