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About Bali

Bali is a treasured tropical island in neighbouring Indonesia, with captivating natural landscapes, an addictive beach culture and rich spiritual essence. Together these create a distinct vibe that sets Bali apart from the rest of the country. It has long enchanted travellers and remains one of the top destinations in Asia. The island is a haven for bohemian backpackers, surfers, spirituality seekers as well as affluent travelers.

Though the island is relatively small at no more than 6000 square kilometers, there is a whole host of things to do in Bali. Long coastlines of beautiful beaches, magnificent temples, great surf spots, terraced rice fields, volcanic landscapes, yoga retreats and authentic cultural ceremonies are just some of the amazing Bali attractions. The island feel is inescapably fun and relaxing. With flights from Singapore to Bali taking 3hours, Bali is perfect for a weekend getaway.


Tropical Beach Culture

Bali and beach are almost synonymous. You’ll spend glorious amounts of time on the beautiful beaches, so pack your best beachwear and sunblock. It could make all the difference between a delicious tan and turning crispy. Seminyak and Nusa Dua are two upscale areas with clean, quiet beaches close to chic restaurants, five star accommodations and some nightlife. Several luxury hotels and resorts here have private beaches exclusive to guests.

Kuta Bali is the most popular beach, and also the busiest. It is particularly popular with the young backpacker crowd who come to sunbathe, learn to surf, or relax till the sun sets in stunning colours. Then it’s time to party. The heart of Bali’s nightlife is just a short walk away, stretching from Kuta through Legian.

There are more beaches in Ubud, an area with a rich cultural charm. Bali villas in Ubud are a perfect respite from the city, with beaches nearby and great Indonesian food all around.

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Balinese Tradition, Temples and Folklore

Balinese are a deeply spiritual people. Offerings and shrines can be seen everywhere, religious rituals are held sacred and their unique form of Hinduism is practiced widely, dating back a long time. Learning about the Balinese culture should top your list of things to do in Bali, for the experience is truly beautiful and meaningful. There are many elaborate temples in Bali you should visit to witness some of their history, traditions and spiritual culture.

Tanah Lot is a majestic temple set on a rock formation surrounded by water. In the evening, Tanah Lot offers a spectacular view of sun setting over the water, framed perfectly by the cliffs edges. Pura Bersakih is the Mother Temple of highest reverence, located high up the slopes of Gunung Agung and aged over a thousand years old. Uluwatu is another popular temple in Bali with marvelous ancient architecture perched on the side of a cliff.


Balinese Dance

Balinese dances are expressive narratives of their religious traditions, folklore and identity. The Barong dance plays out the dramatic story of the fight between good and evil.

The Kecak dance, also known as the Monkey Dance, is a haunting dance involving rhythmic chanting and dramatic lighting from the flames of a bonfire as night falls. Some sacred dances are reserved for religious ceremonies, while others are performed regularly for tourists. They are typically performed in temples, including Uluwatu and Pura Tanah Lot.